Thursday, March 24, 2011

What is Ms. Zoe Zoo up to?

This girl is just changing so much lately. Here is what she is up to:
  • Zoe is moving into her size 18mths clothes...and boy did we get some great clothes from our cousins that are just too cute! She is also in size 4 diapers.
  • Zoe is quite the chatter bug. She talks and talks...some you can understand, some you try to piece together, and some is just Zoe talk. I love the Zoe talk though because by the look of her face...she just knows exactly what she is talking about.
  • Zoe has quite a vocabulary and it keeps growing and growing. It is crazy what she understands but we have never taught her...some new words are MeMe" for Grammy "Papa", "Door" and she goes and shuts it when someone is leaving, "PooPoo" when she has pooped and sometimes when she hasn't to play jokes on us,"Juice"...I gave her watered down apple juice the other day and she said juice right away, "Diapee" for diaper, "Baba" for her milk, "WaWa" for water, when we ask her if she is hungry she says ya or no...usually always "YA", "Meeee" for please, "Thant To" for thank you and she repeats it over and over until you say your welcome (hilarious), "Bear" for all her stuffed animals in bed with her...only one is actually a bear though, "Baby" and usually give lots of kisses to either my tummy or to a baby doll she is holding, "Night, Night" for nap time and bed time, "Eyes" and points to her ear...we are working on it, she says "Mem Up" for clean up, "Ella" and "Nana" for Ella and Anna Riley....Nana is also Banana. We work a lot on names...she has tried to say Carson, too and Maw Maw, ends up sounding like Mama. She says Mommy and Daddy perfectly. The minute she hears the door open, she screams Daddy! She tries to say Kitty and says Dog. Moo is cows. "Minnie" for Mickey Mouse Club House...and she has her own words when she sings The Hot Dog Dance funny. She Also has her own song she sings to ABCs. "Book" and "Ball" are some most often used. I am sure the list could go on and on...but these are some big ones.
  • Zoe eats and eats. She loves fruit, especially grapes. She also loves chicken and pb&js. She is pretty good to eats whatever you put in front of her. She is not crazy about milk, but she has one sippy cup full in the morning. She stopped drinking her mil at night about 1 month we stopped wasting it.
  • Zoe is walking and trying to run all over the place!
  • Zoe got two molars in and I believe two more are about to make their appearance (from the looks of her diapers).
  • Zoe LOVES bath time and I know she is going to just have a blast in the pool this summer. She puts her whole face under water in the tub and blows bubbles.
  • Zoe doesn't love the car all...
  • Zoe loves to be outside and really loves the slides at the park! Her new favorite thing is to walk all the way up our driveway with her stroller.
  • Zoe has beautiful blonde hair that curls at the end...and has to have her hair pulled back from her face because it is getting so long in front.
  • Zoe loves to do what she is not supposed to do...and she has a look she gives you along with a little giggle.
  • Zoe is an awesome sleeper! She takes two naps a around 9:45am til 11 or 12 and one around 3p. She goes down around 8p and sleeps until almost 8a...I don't get her until then at least :)
  • Zoe can throw quite the little tantrum....plopping on the floor, then on to her tummy and then kicks the ground. It ends in about a minute after she realizes no one is paying attention to her. Time Out here we come...
  • Zoe loves to be around kids...and loves the nursery at Church.
  • Zoe can now climb up onto the couch all by herself.
  • Zoe says "Hi" and "Bye" to everyone!
  • Zoe does well playing by herself. She has really started to like her little people house she got for Christmas.
  • Zoe is still a big thumb sucker....what can you do?
  • Zoe is such a toddler and we got her her Big Girl Bed! She loves to play on it and hide under it!
  • Zoe won't sit still long enough to take good this is the best I got....


Hollyhand House said...

Can't believe how much our baby girls are growing and learning! She looks like such a big girl in the last picture!! :)

Chrysti said...

I can't believe I haven't seen her since Christmas. She is changing so much. I hope she can say aunt CC by May. CAn't wait to see you guys!!!