Tuesday, March 8, 2011

40 Days for Life

I must say that this year's Lenten Season is going to be very different for me. I have always given something up...something I loved and had to have...or so I thought. This year I am doing more!

I told you last week about a book I just got done reading Unplanned. It moved me....my heart, my soul, my thinking....it was life changing. It sent me to tears at the turn of a page to think about how people treat their bodies and see it merely as a choice. I am sure in some cases it seems more than this...but ulitmately I feel it is about respect.

I don't think people realize that they are made in the Image and Likeness of GOD! How often do we abuse our bodies in one way or another....often! We are TEMPLES! We are the Body of Christ! It is about Respect...respect for Life, for God, for Ourselves and our Bodies, Respect for the ones who don't get a choice...

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
before you were born I dedicated you..."
Jeremiah 1:5

No matter how a child is conceived....God is present...we are His creation! God can make good out of any bad....if we allow Him into our hearts. I know many Glory stories of pregnancies that were not expected or unplanned. God was present! God IS present!

My heart genuinely goes out to all Mothers, because that is what they are, that have had an abortion. I have shed so many tears just thinking about it. My prayers are with all of them...every one. I ache to think that the only reasonable option for a woman, in her mind, would be to kill their child....not tissue....a CHILD! And I pray for all woman who are considering abortion....if only you knew!

My heart prays for all who support Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics. Which leads me to my Lenten promise.

I will be participating in the 40 Days for Life Campaign! I am excited and nervous, scared and blessed....

Pro-Life was never a choice for me....I didn't one day say...hmmm...I think I am going to be for life. It is natural...it is natural as a Christian to chose life...GOD IS LIFE! Simple as that really.

The 40 Day for Life campaign starts tomorrow and last until April 17th! This campaign is a peaceful vigil of prayer and fasting! Little did I know, a Planned Parenthood opened just 1 year ago in my town. Defistating! To think that I have passed by this builing, this abortion clinic, numerous times and never knew it existed breaks me.

"Can a mother forget her infant,
be without tenderness for the child of her womb?"
Isaiah 49: 14-15
There are other CHOICES!
I have commited to praying once a week for 2 hours outside of the Lawrenceville Planned Parenthood...but I will be out there praying as much as I can in between. I am also praying a Rosary a day as part of my Lenten sacrifice. Lives can be changed through prayer...Prayer is POWERFUL!
If you want to find a way to get involved too...click on this link 40 Days for Life. If you are unable, please pray for all those who are going to be part of the 40 Days for Life Campaign.
"Speak Up for those who cannot speak for themselves"
Proverbs 31:8


Phillips Family said...

I have done a little research on PP, they don't only perform abortions they also provide care to those who can't afford it, such as preventative healthcare. They also do some good work. Hospitals perform abortions as well.

Here is a post with more detail.


Rebecca said...

I would suggest you do some more research. But you are entitled to your choice and if your choice is to support the pro choice movement, that is your choice. I support life and woman who are in need can receive the exact same help at a place that is not an abortion clinic. Planned Parenthood is an abortion clinic....just because they do some procedures that could help a woman in need does not cancel out the fact that they have killed thousands of innocent lives within their walls. The choice of a woman is not after conception but before. And for those who have been raped or something else, there is soooo much help and support for them at place other than abortion clinics.

Phillips Family said...

I wasn't stating those facts to argue for one side or another, just simply stating facts, not sure if you knew about the other services they provide or that hospitals also perform abortions. Simply sharing knowledge.

Jenny said...

I recently read Unplanned too. It stirred up a lot of emotions within me too! I commend you for standing strong and being a prayer warrior for those women that turn to PP. You are an inspiration and I will definitely be looking into going to my local PP (I live in Houston.) to be a prayer warrior too!