Tuesday, March 29, 2011

20 Weeks

(still recovering from traveling...picture to come!)

How Far Along: 20 Weeks

Size of Baby: Baby #3 weighs about 10 1/2 ounces and is about 10 inches long from head to toe...we have a little banana this week. At our appointment, Baby #3 was measuring 19 weeks and 4 days (about 4 days behind). This was no surprise to me though...due date is still August 14th. The technician said they don't change it for something as small as 4 days.

Total Weight Gain: and so it begins...+7.

Maternity Clothes: I have been shopping around for an Easter dress....and finding NOTHING! Any suggestions? Otherwise...still in my normal clothes.

Gender: This week was our big test...and we passed. Everything is still a surprise. Zach is really feeling Boy, as am I. We changed names...I am so over changing names! Every time we get into the car for a trip....Zach says..."so you want to talk about names?" And I am like...WHOA...we already have them. I told we are discussing nothing until 8 months. He is so indecisive! And luckily, we have no more trips until August!

Movement: This Baby has places to go. During the ultrasound, it was flipping and kicking, moving all over the place. It took forever for the technician to get measurements because there was so much movement. And I felt every bit of it. I don't think it will be too long before Zach will be able to feel our Baby #3, too!

Sleep: Well....let's just say sleep was lacking this week...and in no part to being pregnant. Poor Zoe is cutting some of her molars and she was miserable! And I am tired!

Cravings: No real cravings this week...I have been having some sensitivity to smells. If it doesn't smell good...don't expect me to get near it.

Symptoms: My issues in the bathroom continue...I am hoping to get them solved when I see my midwife tomorrow. My tummy is definitely getting bigger and it seems like my bladder is getting smaller. I had a little bit of heartburn, but nothing too serious. Really emotional this week, too.

Best Moment of the Week:

I mean seriously....how can this not just melt your heart into pieces! I loved every minute of our ultrasound yesterday. Watching this Baby squirm just brought a huge smile to my face. So blessed! Baby #3's heart rate was, once again, high...in the 160s. We counted ten fingers and ten toes...the toes were harder because it kept kicking and kicking. The Baby had its hands right by its face and was even sucking its thumb at one point....another thumb sucker! Its heart looked great and we could see its major organs in its abdomen. Baby #3 started facing my back, knees close to chest and just bouncing....by the end it was facing my tummy, chillin on its back. Amazing....and it gave a big yawn...you could see its tongue moving.

It wasn't hard at all not finding out the gender because Zach and I both know how fun it is to wait for Birthday. And don't even try to tell me you can see something in these pictures....you can't!

I had a hard time this week too though. Between 19 and 20 weeks in my last pregnancy, we lost our Oliver. A flood of emotions came rushing back and I cried a lot this week. It is so hard to figure out if what I am feeling is normal, crazy....there are no rights and wrongs to mourning. Some situations are harder for some than others. But all I can say is I am trying to cope. Trying to carry on how I see best. I do things to remember Oliver because they make me happy. It was so weird that this past week, I got some comments about him this just pulled at my heart. I never want anyone to ever think of Oliver in a negative light. I do things to remember him because I love him...and for only this reason. Like I said, Tough Week.


Hollyhand House said...

Sorry you had a hard week! Love the pics of Baby #3. Love you!

Phillips Family said...

So glad everything checked out good for #3!

I feel like this pregnancy is more emotional for me, not sure if its b/c I appreciate it more or what, who knows. Sorry you had a tough week.

Motherhood in Alpharetta had some dresses on sale for like $24. FYI

Kaczka said...

Rebecca, I hope you have seen my answer to your comment. Sorry if my previous comment was a source of distress for you. I have just tried to understand why you posted Oliver's photos which were quite shocking for me. Never said or meant anything against your baby boy. Glad to hear that it was because of personal reasons and not that you were trying to use him as an argument in pro-life debate. All the best!