Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Great Weekend!

We had a great weekend down in Berry. We went to celebrate Ian and Tucker's Birthdays. Holly did a great job putting everything together. It was a Lego theme! Isn't the cake great? And it tasted awesome too! It is so fun seeing all our babies interact now. Zoe might have been a tid bit obsessed with the Elmo doll....she carried it around everywhere!

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Moving on to the baby and stroller....she had to let someone else have a turn with Elmo.

CANDY! caught me!

After the party, we had a big lunch with all the family. And of course, this means NAPS!

And Zelda gave the kids their Easter Baskets and we had a little egg hunt.

What Blondes!

Zoe and all of her cousins on Daddy's side.

Zoe is so lucky to have so many cousins...especially her age...and so many Aunts and Uncles that love her so much!

Can't believe we will have two more to add to the mix come August (one is a BOY!)...Granddaddy is going to have to build a bigger swing!