Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Zoe Zoo....visits the ZOO

Zoe and Mommy had our 1st trip to the Zoo on Monday. I could not wait to see how Zoe would react to the animals! I feel like she loved it when she could see the animals, but some were hiding. No worries, Zoe sure did love saying "hi" to everyone that walked past her instead.

When you first walk into the Zoo, you see the flamingos....Zoe gave out a big "ooooo" and was ready to go see them.

We couldn't miss the elephants! Roll Tide!

The giraffes were so beautiful!
Baby Giraffe showing Mommy some love!
Baby Zoe showing Mommy love, too!
Bailey was so excited....she just kept saying, "We have so much more to see!" after every animal. What a fun age!
The Gorillas were my favorite part! We arrived right at eating time and to watch them eat was hilarious....Zoe giggled and squealed the whole time watching the gorillas catch their oranges or bananas.
I love this picture. If you look really close at the Mama's right will see a little baby gorilla, Henry, all cuddled up getting his afternoon nap. Henry is 9 months old!
We were so excited to see the new baby panda, Poe, but he was not out :(
So on to the Petting Zoo~ "Who will be my first victim!?!"
We had an absolute blast at the zoo. I can't wait to take Zoe again...and hopefully Zach will be able to come next time!

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