Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Birthday, Birthdays!

I am such a lucky Mom to have so many great friends who are also Mommies! I am surrounded by friends who have babies older and younger than Zoe that I just treasure. And I love celebrating all our special days together!
First Birthday this Month goes to Ms. Anna Riley!
Crystal is such an entertainer and did a beautiful job decorating for the party. And the food, which you can always guarentee with this family, was GREAT! "Who me? Couldn't be!"
"You mom makes me take 2 naps!"....
"TWO...Girl, you need to show your Mom who's boss!"
Loved all the little touches!
Thank you so much for inviting us to your party, Anna Riley!!! You are such a big girl!!!!
Next for the Month was Mr. Nick's Big 2nd Celebration!
Lauren is all about a theme and she let no one down!
Everything was Balls! Ball Pit, amazing food all shaped like balls or circles, the favors were all balls...everything! SO cute!
And Little Adam let was such a doll with those Amazing smiles....he is such a personality!
Just chillin in the Ball Pit.
And Ms. Maria came too!
"Cheers to Nick!"
Thanks for inviting us, Nick! We had a Blast!


momofbugs said...

I love your comments for the pictures especially the one about the naps. I need a good laugh.

The Stafford Family said...

Thank you for coming! "Cheers to Nick" made me laugh out loud! Too funny! Love you guys!!!