Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Day for PLAY

Atlanta has so much to offer for little kids and family outings....but sometimes to trek to the city is just not in the cards. Katie introduced me and Zoe Zoo to Imaginations at Play this past week....a great place right down the street. Affordable and FUN! The activities are endless for our little ones and it is small enough that you can sit and chit chat and not worry one bit where the Baby is...because you can see every corner.

This was Zoe's favorite area to play....I have such a little fish on my hands! She would get her hands all wet and just giggle and giggle. She also loved when the bubbles would start to spray....she just tried to grab them all.

And there was even a little area for really little ones...

Needless to say after all this play, we both needed a nap! So we headed home....slept....and waited for Daddy to get home from work. Then off to the park we went...

Zoe had to show off her new slide climbing skills for Daddy to see.

Love the hair!

Pure Joy!

And to spin because Aunt Chrysti said it is good for my development!
My Zoe is getting so big...it just blows me away!
I must say....days like these just make me more and more grateful that I can be home with my Baby Girl....she is so much fun and just has Zach and I cracking up all the time! So Very Blessed!


Jennifer said...

That place looks sooo cool!

Ashley said...

ha i lovvve these pictures! what a fun placee! just found your blog!

Susan said...

Just blogging around and found your blog. I must say they are the cutest pictures and those rooms were sooooooo cute. Thanks for letting me visit.