Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday to the Hubs!

The Big Hubs is turning 26 today!

I can't wait for us to celebrate and have a date! Forgot what those were.

I feel like on days like today, we look at the person we said "I do" to and just give least I do.

I am thankful to God for creating this man....for giving him two loving parents who taught him values and how to be a good person, four loving siblings that have helped him through ups and downs and all along the way.

I am thankful that a little less than 4 years ago...Zach allowed himself to fall in love...then take the plunge of marriage....and never think twice about it.

I am thankful for Zach's drive and passion in his career...for his willingness to work day in and day out to support his family.

But what I am most thankful to God for today is that He has found a home in Zach's heart. He worked awful hard on my Hubby's stubborn ears...but Zach decided to listen. Zach made a decision to be God's, to be the Husband God made him to be, the Father God made him to be, the Friend God made him to be, the Person God planned him to be....26 short years ago!

I know I am emotional anyway right now....I really need to learn to just carry tissues with me where ever I go. This song made me especially emotional this week. I hope you have heard it.

I have had a prayer in my heart for a very long time
for my husband, for our marriage, for our life!

I have prayed to be led. For my hand to be held and for my husband to lead me. For him to pick me up as I fall (and Lord knows I have crashed). To never let me feel alone in our marriage, in our home, in our life.

I have prayed for my husband as a Father. To hold our children's hands and to lead them in the right direction. To teach them all that is good and right in this world. To teach them to have faith and strength, to believe in themselves. To show them love so that they will never feel alone.

And my husband has finally realized that the only way he can do this is by asking his Father, His Heavenly Father, to lead him, with strong hands, to stand up when he can't, to give him strength to be everything he is called to be. Because he now knows he can't do this alone.

I love you, Zach....with all my heart and everything I am....til death do us part.

Happy Birthday!

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