Friday, February 11, 2011

So Proud

My Hubby is going on his first retreat this weekend!
it is Covecrest's first time hosting a Men's Retreat!
So Proud

I wish I could be a fly on the wall. There are over 130 men attending and I can only imagine the Fun, Fellowship and Faith they will all share this weekend...all for the glory of God! Such a beautiful thing!

***UPDATE *** Received a message last night from Zach: "Thank you so much for this weekend. It has already been exciting and I can't wait for the rest of it. This will be one of the most memorable birthday presents I have ever received. Thank you." Love this man! (side note: for Zach's birthday, my parents offered to pay for the admissions if he felt called to go. This was sent to them as well. So proud!)

On another note:

I have had a change of heart this week....

I am so proud of the Faith I have in God, His Son, in His Spirit and all things surrounding God. I treasure my Catholic Faith, I defend My Faith, I depend on it because the Faith I have is what will lead me to my Eternal Home with Christ....where I belong, where God wants us all to be.

Because of this Faith, I am deciding now to live my life differently....a way I should have been living all along. I am here to praise God and give Him all the glory. I am no longer going to be worried about the matters of this world...what this world claims to be right and is distracting. Because of this Faith, I would never want to offend another or make someone else feel insufficient...this is not what my Faith is and that is not the point....the point is for us all to each other no matter what place we are in life, no matter what Church we go to, no matter what someone else says against your own Faith or what you believe. We are called to Love. And I am going to live this way.

Now don't get me wrong...there will be times when I will state my beliefs, but it will be from a place of Love...not a place of trying to prove something wrong or right...but from my heart. When I say will be for the Glory of God, not to get a rise out of others or to seek an opportunity to show others the Truth of my Faith...I know the Truth that my Faith entails. I don't need the justification of others or the approval of others to know that. All I need is my God, His son and to know within myself that I am doing all I can to please and honor HIM!

We are called to Love one another...God did not say to only love the ones who agree with us but all. And I am going to live by this.

We are called to be in union with one another...not just the ones who believe the same things as us...but all. And I am going to live by this.

God gave me, and all of us, gifts of grace, the Sacraments, to celebrate and help us live our lives in a way pleasing to God. These gifts are to constantly remind us of the sacrifice Jesus made for our salvation and to bring us grace. Even though there may be differences and opinions on these gifts, they are positive, beautiful, and meant for God's Glory. We are never to forget what was done to save us and I am going to live by this.

And this makes me so proud. And I hope this makes Him proud as well.


J said...

Just found your blog through Life With a Lab - so cute! :)

Christina said...

I'm so happy for you and Zach. How wonderful to have him joining the Catholic Church! Covecrest is so beautiful, do you or your sister know of any couples retreats they have up there?