Wednesday, July 1, 2009

20 week Appointment

Today was our 20 week appointment....which means ULTRASOUND! Seeing our baby was so amazing. The technician measured and pointed out all the key organs...
heart with 4 chambers...CHECK
10 fingers and 10 toes....CHECK CHECK!
The baby was moving like crazy too! It's heart rate during the ultrasound was 151 but in the 140s with the doctor. It was 13 ounces and from all the measurements....the estimated due date was November 11th....and yes "it" is still an "it". I held strong...even through Zach begging to find out in the appointment. I had to get blood work done today and all the typical things. I have gained 10 lbs complaints there considering the amount of sugar I have been eating lately. I also took home the wonderful drink for next appointment to test for diabetes....blah...and I got information on preparation classes to go to, which I will be signing us up for soon.
Here is the belly pic for 20 weeks. As you can see, I am now wearing a maternity bathing White Tummy!
We got a really great look at the baby's adorable face and profile. Here, the baby has it's hands right around its sweet :)

Here is its little foot! The technician said that the baby is about the size of my to rump...not including the legs and feet.

A fun pic we took this weekend after finding out Crystal's great news! So exciting! I am so glad I get to experience this phase of life with 2 of my best friends!


The Cannons said...

Sounds like you're doing great! That's so precious and you ARE so strong.I had to know!!Still feeling "boy".

Kaitlin said...

LOVE THE PICS!!! especially the one of you and kimberly and crystal! So cutE!

momofbugs said...

love the pic of the girls...too cute! Can't wait for the baby.

Zelda said...

Ya'll are so cute! Makes me sad that I'm past that era in my life. Being pregnant was a great time for me. Enjoy, enjoy!