Monday, July 13, 2009

My attempt at Mister Linky

I saw this on Candace's blog and I thought I would try. I hope I did it right.


I know, I know....The baby isn't even here yet....but I have had a little experience with children and know some good products that I would recommend...and some not so good ones, but we won't go into those. My first is one has been recommended to me from my sister. It is a swing that swings in both directions, front to back and side to side. She said that with all that she has learned in Occupational Therapy, this type of swing will be really beneficial to the baby's development early on. Not crazy about the North Pole theme...but such is life.
This I don't plan on needing, but you never know. They were so useful when I was with Dakota though. I would suggest if anyone is using formula to get at least 3 of these.
Not this one specifically, but a portable changing pad has been such a life saver in the past for me....many blowouts in the car! I am not a huge fan of public bathrooms, let alone a baby changing station. Having one of these in the back of the car helped a lot.
And then for cleaning, I really like Dreft Laundry detergent. Not only is it save for baby's skin, but it smells so good too.

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Candace said...

I didn't have a swing that went both ways, but I did have one that went side to side. The best part was that it was one you plug in - no buying batteries!

I also had the formula container and use dreft - both great things for baby!

Thanks for sharing and participating. :)