Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I am about to begin my 22nd week on Saturday...YAY! Time really does fly. A few updates:

*The baby has been kicking a lot in the mornings, not as much at night. Maybe he/she will be like its parents...Morning People. That would be such a blessing. Zach and I are ready for bed at about 9:00, actually get there around 10 though. Even though I find myself being able to sleep later these days, I have not always been this way. Zach is an earlier riser for work (4:30), but even on weekends we are at least up by 8:00. Before the ultrasound, I wasn't 100% sure if everything I was feeling was the baby. Now after actually seeing the baby and how much it was moving, I am very confident we have an active one. So exciting!

*I have not had many symptoms in these 22 weeks of easy pregnancy if you ask me (knock on wood). But lately I have been having some cravings. I love me a milkshake and lots of cheese and crackers (chocolate and triscuits...cracked pepper and olive oil with sharp cheddar...if you want specifics) Oooo...these things just make me so happy! I find that Zach is really enjoying my cravings too....that boy could eat a milkshake everyday, twice a day....and has been lately. I have also found that I really don't have any interest at all in meats. Just not appealing to me right now.

*Sleeping actually has gotten easier as I have gotten bigger (I don't expect this to last, but happy for now). I found a pillow I really liked early on that fits my body well. I have been getting random ligament pains on my left side. The most recent one lasted for about 3 days. But nothing too terrible. I have found too that parts of my left hand or arm go weak or numb at times....don't know if that is normal, but I am assuming so.

*My sister Kaitlin went shopping at the outlets for 4th of July sales and said she is so glad I didn't find out the sex....she said there were so many cute things for babies and for so inexpensive....she would have gone broke. She did end up getting a cute sleeper with an elephant! Not finding out has really helped me save a pretty penny or two. I am not a big shopper to begin with, but you know you can't help want everything for the little ones. And I have to keep reminding myself....there will always be a sale!

That is it for now. I hope all of you are having a great week....Can you believe the year is more than half way over!?! Like I said, time flies!

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Allison said...

Hey I found your blog through another blog and just wanted to say that I had my first boy Nov 14,2008. We didn't find out the sex and it was so much fun. Our families and friends were beyond themselves but we loved it. I know its hard sometimes but just wanted to tell you to hang in there! Its well worth it :)