Thursday, July 23, 2009

Killing Me!

As of late, not knowing who is inside me is KILLING it Ben or Zoe! Being able to feel the baby and knowing that he/she can hear us, it makes it all that much more real. Can November get here any faster...PLEASE!?!?!

My sister is letting us borrow her glider. My mom made the cushions for it with the fabric Chrysti wanted when Julie arrived and now is going to make the cushion for our little one. Let the decorating begin....kind of. It never hurts to look....or does it? Of course for me, I see fabrics and my mind goes crazy imagining everything that a room could be. Based on the fabric shopping....I would love for this baby to be a girl. Look at these adorable fabrics!

Gotta love the Houndstooth!

And I really love this for a boy....the selection is a little bit slimmer, especially when Zach thinks almost everything is too girly. But if we do have a boy...I am going to have to find a light blue houndstooth...I know it is out there! The greens in both are the same from the Pottery Barn bedding we ordered.

With my growing curiosity, I checked out about 10 different Chinese Lunar Calendars to predict the gender...I know, I know. It is just for fun....All say boy :) And no...I don't regret not finding out...I am still as excited as before that it all is going to be a surprise...just very anxious!

Lately, we have been talking and singing more to the baby...this all makes me fall more and more in love with Zach. It is amazing what a baby can do to a man! Choice of song last night, sung by Daddy to be, Pump It by Black Eyed Peas...I was thinking more along the lines of Rock-a-by Baby....but that is Zach :)

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