Sunday, July 26, 2009

6 Months!

Yesterday, I hit the 6 month mark and I feel great...Thank goodness! The baby has been moving a lot and Zach FINALLY can feel the movements. It is so cute how excited he gets and he is constantly feeling my tummy now. I love that he is getting to take part in everything now.

I have my 24 week appointment on Wednesday. I will be getting blood work done for the diabetes test. Hopefully that will go well.

I signed us up for 2 preperation courses, Showing & Glowing and Ready & Able. The classes are given at Gwinnett Medical, where we will be delivering. Showing & Glowing includes 3 classes that start August 5th. Ready & Able is also 3 classes and starts October 4th. I am really looking forward to these classes. I have gotten a ton of advice and have experience with infants, but it is still a good thing in my opinion.

Three of the four girls are here now. Mom brought Kayley, Ally and Rylee back with her from Disney. Here are a couple cute pics from last night.

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And they call it puppy love said...

Good Luck w/ the Glucose test, I am sure you will pass w/ flying colors...if I can pass w/ my eating habits anyone can!

Glad Zach can feel the little one move, I know ya'll are just loving it, there is nothing like it.