Monday, July 20, 2009

Date Night

Let me just start by saying I am so in Love! And reminded of it everyday in one way or another. I feel so truly blessed to be married to such a wonderful, loving, supportive, funny, down-to-earth man...that is real and gross and stinky at the same makes life so perfect! I love being with someone that I can be 100% myself with...the good and the bad...the pretty and the ugly. Zach is such a blessing to me.

Today, I think he may have sensed that I was stressed or not having the best day. He called and told me when I got home from work to get ready to go on a date. Now, this never happens. If any of you haven't met us or don't know our "story", then let me fill you in. With Zach and I, there was no "dating", no "courting", no nervous picking up from my place and dropping me back off....It was love from the get go....being comfortable and games, no waiting by the phone. We never really had a first date. We lived 6 hours apart and spent weekends as often as we could together. But it was perfect to us!

So, since we never really dated....we never really went on dates. So for Zach to randomly call me up and say he was taking me on a date tonight made me really happy and gitty. Tonight, he really made me feel so loved and special. We got ready and he took me to my absolute favorite restaurant, Dominick's....and oh was it wonderful! There is nothing like spending quality one on one time with the one you TV show or computer game or blog to interrupt. Just you and that other person....and some Frank or Dean playing in the background never hurts! It was a great night. And not that I need something like this all the time....heck I wouldn't want it all the time otherwise it wouldn't be as special...but I loved going on a date with my husband tonight! And look forward to our next one.


kimberly t. bowling said...

Aww..that is so sweet. Tell Zach I'm proud of his tender moments...his Mama must have raised him right! :)

Date nights are wonderful, no matter the number of years you've been married. And you are so correct, they wouldn't be special, if it happened all the time! :)

The Cannons said...

So sweet and thoughtful!