Friday, November 15, 2013

Henry James is Here!

Our sweet Henry has arrived!

This weekend seems like such a whirlwind.  As long as it seemed at times, Henry's birth happened in a blink of the eye.  

I had my 39 week appointment on Tuesday and was 100% positive that labor would begin after the check, just like it did when Evan and Zoe both.  Ya...that didn't happen.  I don't know why I got my hopes up like I did, but I was bound and determined to get this kid out pronto!

When no signs of labor happened, I put on my sneakers and hit the pavement.  Wednesday, I had a date with my friend Michelle on the Greenway.  We walked about 4 miles...well...she walked, I waddled.  During the walk, I had lots of braxton hicks and after the walk, they conitues...but nothing more than that.  Thursday's walking took place at the mall, with stops at the kids play area and lunch at Chick-fil-a.  NOthin'!  Friday was another date with Michelle at the Greenway and this time the braxton hicks were a lot lower!  YES!

Into Friday night, lower cramping continued...nothing painful, just uncomfortable, but led me to believe something was happening and would hopefully amp up.  Mall walking happened and after dinner neighborhood walking.  I swear I walked a marathon!  It may or may not have helped progress labor, but it definitely helped my mindset and endorphins never hurt no one ;)  With contractions happening constantly, we called my mom to come pick up the kids in case we had to go to the hospital in the middle of the night.  As the night rolled along....things got less frequent and the intensity in the contractions were lost.  I was so disappointed but figured sleep was a better way to spend my time.

My last bumpwatch photo with Henry on Saturday morning.

Throughout the night, contractions woke me up every 15-20 minutes so it was a restless night for sure.  Saturday was a total waiting game.  Some hours were painful, some just mild, some had contractions all over the place and some hours had no contractions at all.  We walked in the neighborhood, through the house, around the mall.  We cleaned the house.  We watched football.  We napped, a lot!  My friend Katie, a L&D nurse, suggested that I was probably going through Prodromal Labor, labor that was false but could be helping my cervix in some way.  I'll take it.  Saturday was so random and really just confused me.  I really wanted to know if what was going on was real, fake, something I was imagining!  Katie headed over after her shift and checked my progress.  Around 8:00 on Saturday, I was 4cm and 70% effaced.  HECK YES!  I was so excited to hear this news.  I was in labor!

We watched the Alabama game and I tried to rest.  I finally needed Zach to help me during contractions which meant they were intensifying!  Henry was coming!  Katie suggested since I was further along and we had a 40 minute drive ahead of us to the hospital, that if contractions were consistent for about an hour, to head to the hospital.  Around 12:15, I felt like it was time.  We packed our bags because that is what you do...wait until you are actually needing to go to the hospital to pack.  I called my midwife to let her know we were leaving and we were on our way.

The car drive is always really hard for me.  I have to go through contractions without help and they are so intense!  I think the drive is Zach's favorite part.  I am pretty sure he runs lights and speeds ridiculously...just because if he was pulled over it would make for a great story!  We made it to the hospital in 20 minutes and I had 3 contractions while in the car...yikes.

We parked, but of course, had no clue where to go because we didn't take a tour at a new hospital...another thing all do, right?!?!  In between the car and the wheelchair waiting for me at the emergency room entrance, I had 3 more contractions.  OUCH!  We were checked in and I had to be monitored for 30 minutes and checked.  I was 5cm and contracting like a mad woman.  Zach unfortunately could not find a good way to help me which was really hard.  I laid on the bed, on my side and grabbed the bedbar with all my might (my back was so sore the next day to prove it).  We finally got wheeled into our delivery room and I had had enough!

I went through a couple contractions in the room and I looked at Zach and just cried and said how much I wanted to enjoy this birth and how I was so tired and I didn't want to do it anymore.  Our nurse let us know we would be able to get an epidural for another 30 minutes or so....this was around 2:30 (thanks text msg for keeping track of times!).  Our nurse came back in and said she felt guilty ordering an epidural, knowing I had 2 other natural births, and that she wanted to check me first.  She checked my progress and I was 8cm and about ready to go.  All the nurses and other staff got busy real quick because Henry was coming!  My midwife still had not arrived and they all kept joking that my L&D nurse would be delivering him.

The urge to push came very soon after and I was totally fine at this point pushing the kid out without my midwife.  They kept insisting she was close...she would be here any minute.  She rolled in about about 3:00, sat down and immediately told me to start pushing.  3:27 Henry was born!  

It seriously was a dream labor and delivery!  I labored in the comforts of my home and got to the hospital and delivered within about 2 hours!

I am still in shock!  Henry was born on November 10, 2013 at 3:27.  He was 8lbs 5 oz and 21 1/2"....the child was massive!  Zach and I made a bet with our weight guesses, as you can see.  WAY OFF!

 After about an hour, Zoe and Evan were brought back to our room to meet their new baby brother!  It was about 4 in the we all were pretty exhausted.  A moment that will never be forgotten even still!
 Evan was a little bit more skeptical :)

 Once we were moved to our recovery room, the rest of the gang headed up to meet our new bundle of joy!

 All our family left...we were all SO TIRED!  Zach and I got to enjoy some time with Henry and we all rested before a couple more visitors.  Kimberly, Cory, Carson and Colin visited Henry that afternoon.  Colin was so precious and seriously did not want to stop holding Henry.

 And then The Stafford's visited for a little while!
 Zelda was so sweet to bring Evan and Zoe back up to the hospital to visit and brought us dinner.  

Another dream come true....we were out of the hospital by noon on Monday!  Amazing!

I really feel like Henry's whole birth was a came and went so fast.  We are back home and adjusting well.  Evan is one to watch and has been a bit more defiant, but that is life.  Zoe is so in love! I love having Henry here and everything just feels so right in the world!

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