Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Zoe's 4th Birthday Party

How has 4 years already passed since we welcomed our baby girl into this world!?!?  Time just keeps on flying by!  Zoe was so excited to celebrate her birthday this year.  It seemed like a daily conversation...when is my birthday!  I decided the smartest thing to do was have her party early and somewhere other than our house since we were welcoming Henry very close to her actual birthday.  After looking around, I decided on Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland!  I thought it would be fun since Zoe would soon be going to a hospital to welcome her new brother!

All of Zoe's sweet little girlfriends (and Mommy's too) caravaned through the mountains to the hospital.

 My precious 4 year old!

 The Cabbage Patch!
We started the party with cupcakes and presents.  Then we walked around the nursery areas before the birth of the cabbage patch baby.

Since Zoe was the birthday girl, she got to decide if the baby being born was a boy or girl and what the name would be.  She chose a boy, which really surprised me, and named it Henry (of course)!  The birth was so cute.  All the girls loved it.
 After the birth, the nurse took "Henry" to the nursery to be weighed and bathed.
 Then all the girls got to hold the new bundle of joy!  Good Practice!

 I had every intention of getting Zoe her own Cabbage Patch doll and going through the adoption and so on....Zoe could have cared less.  Finally, before the hospital closed, Zoe chose this random princess doll and a cat.
 Such a fun day celebrating our special girl and her 4th birthday!

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