Friday, November 15, 2013

Phillips Home Remodel ~ Project #11

Project 11 - The built in that turned into a bookshelf...

Once the kitchen was complete (for the most part), the only big projects that we had left were in the living room area.  The biggest was the builtins for added storage and to house the tv.  I could tell every time I brought up going to buy the wood or getting together a plan, there was a big cloud of dread!  In my mind, I NEEDED this done before not up for discussion...has to be DONE!  So to Pinterest I went to find some plans for the space.  One reason I love that we did the remodel ourselves is the flexibility of changing our minds!  I knew in order to get this little nook was going to need to be very simple!  And the plans I found on pinterest made it easy as pie!  The best part is that if we want to add on later...we can, but for now...we are loving our new custom bookshelf!

We decided to mount the TV.  #1 priority was to have no wires showing.  I hate wires hanging from the bottom on the TV and I said the only way we could mount was to conceal them.  No problemo!

In order to be able to hide the wires, we had to have a small space behind the bookshelf for the plugin.  We set the bookshelf out from the wall about 4" and added a piece of wood to the back of the bookshelf that can be removed if we ever need to access the wires or plug.
To help tie the kitchen and living room spaces together, we put bead board on the back of the bookshelf.  Now all we need to do is paint!

To finish everything off, we added trim to the base and touched up the wall paint where I got careless.  The only thing I still have to do is find some great storage baskets for the bottom shelf and some other items to decorate with!

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