Friday, November 15, 2013

Phillips Home Remodel ~ Before & After

I did my best to find some pictures of our home BEFORE!  These are pictures that were actually the Afters from our first remodel when we first moved in to our home in 2009.  To give you an idea of where you are looking...

This is a picture of our old living room.  The wall with the swing now has the bookshelf and tv and we shifted the fireplace to be right up against the wall rather than at an angle.
The wall in this picture that the tv is on no longer exists.  This is the wall that was between the living room and kitchen that we demoed out!
 This is the other side of the wall that was demoed.

 This is the before...before of the dining room area.
And the afters!  These are taken with my phone...while I was in labor.  The kids were with grandparents and we went on a cleaning frenzy.  Not sure my home will ever be this clean again at one I decided to take pictures!

 Phew....glad that is done!

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Jennifer said...

Looks great! And I am guessing we are going to see a baby post really soon since you were taking pictures while you were in labor.