Friday, November 15, 2013

Phillips Home Remodel ~ Project #13

LAST PROJECT 13 - Organize the Garage!

We have a garage....and I can actually pull my car into it now!  A huge, huge bonus to our home remodel is added storage space in the garage.  One of our main goals in the remodel was to create more opportunities for storage and closing in the garage was the first thing that made this possible.  Not to mention, a garage adds value to our home, safety and a great place to play on rainy days!

When we demoed the kitchen, we saved all the cabinetry to place in the garage.  I'd say it fits in quite nicely!  On the left wall, we will be putting up peg board to hold Zach's work equipment and to hang bikes, water tables, etc.  On the right wall will be more of a mudroom feel with a place to hang bags and shoes...and a hamper to take off dirty clothes because boys will be boys :)

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