Friday, March 30, 2012

Girl's Night Out with God!

It has been extremely heavy on my heart to find a way to gather my friends and help us all to grow spiritually!  A while back, we started a book club and read some amazing books!  Since then, each of us have had a child or had a second child.  And well...reading a kinda difficult!  Let alone remembering what you read to be able to share at the book club...can we say Mommy Brain!  But, even if we didn't read...we still came to the book club night because we all love getting together for fellowship!  So...I got to thinking and praying!

How could I still spiritually feed myself and my friends the way I was feeling called to do?

As many of you know...I love relationship!  I am a extrovert to the MAX!  I value my relationships so very much!  And relationships are hard work...whether you work, have kids, live far have to put forth time and effort if you want relationships...and this is not just with friends...but also with Husbands and family!

The more I prayed, the more I realized something needed to be established that took no preparation, no reading, no work ahead of time for my girlfriends...just a nice night of growing closer with God!  Simple as that!

And from my prayers and thoughts...and a little bit of creativity and planning (on my part)...we have

Girl's Night Out with God!

I am so excited about this new venture!  I love planning, creating, putting something together and seeing the final product!  I love seeing hard work pay off...especially when it comes to my relationships!
Last night was our first Night Out and it was a total success and so much fun!  I have been planning our little night for over a month now.  I had so much fun making out the invitations, getting fun giveaways, picking something to raffle off for the ladies and, the biggest part, deciding on what was going to be talked about!

My Sister was so sweet to make time in her schedule to be the guest speaker!  And boy did she do amazing! I am so proud of her and everything she has become!

I can't wait to share with you all the night!  Next post!

My hopes is that I can plan a Girl's Night Out with God every other month.  For busy women, every week...really hard...every month...hard but doable...every other month...PERFECT!  

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Elizabeth said...

I *really* hope I can make the next one. This week was crazy with Eric being home sick.