Sunday, March 11, 2012

7 Months Old

Another Month has come and gone...but this one I feel like Evan has grown and changed the most!
  • Evan was 16lbs 8.8oz at his checkup a week or so ago.  I doubt he has changed that much since then.
  • Evan wears 6 month and 6-9 month clothes...some 3-6 month things have been left out but they are getting pretty snug.
  • Evan wears size 3 diapers.
  • Evan smiles and smiles! and giggles a ton, too.  Whenever he smiles real big, he pulls his chin to his chest and squints his eyes really tight.
  • Evan breastfeeds in the morning around 6am, has breakfast after his morning nap, breastfeeds again around Noon before his afternoon nap, after he wakes up he either eats again or breastfeeds again around 4pm and then he has his last feeding at 7pm right before bed.  He is extremely flexible and so easy going!
  • Evan LOVES eating and has really gotten better eating from a spoon.
  • Evan has added more to his list of foods.  This month he ate bananas, apple sauce, sweet potatoes, peas (hated), pears, peaches, carrots, yogurt, and oatmeal.  We are hoping to incorporate more veggies and some meat in the next month.
  • Evan has been drinking water during his eating times.
  • Evan is TEETHING!!!  He woke up 4-5 times this month in so much pain.  Poor little thing!
  • Evan gnaws on everything and anything he can find...and he especially loves his fingers.
  • Evan still takes his pacie.  I do not think we have a thumb sucker on our hands this go around.
  • Evan loves to play with his pacie...taking it out of his month and trying so hard to put it back in.  We changed Evan's pacie to a 6-18 month.
  • Evan's reflux is almost no existent now.  He does still have to occasional spit up, but no where near what we experienced in the first 6 months.
  • Evan almost always goes bib free now!
  • Evan now poops...big boy poops now that he is eating foods!  He is much more regular and has one poop everyday...sometimes he skips a day, but he never goes a full week anymore.  This was one of my biggest concerns with Evan and I am so glad it is all better now.
  • Evan loves to have his diaper changed...he giggles and squeals the whole time.
  • Evan has discovered his voice this past month.  He has a really high pitched squeal he does when he is upset or wants your attention.  Otherwise, he does a low pitched "ma ma ma" sound when he is just talking.
  • Evan is very alert and attentive!  He follows objects great and turns at the sound of his name.
  • Evan can move objects from one hand to the other and has a really strong grip.
  • Evan has been sitting in his high chair for meals...and really hates the Bumbo.
  • Evan is rolling from back to tummy, but he has only rolled from tummy to back a couple times.  He still struggles with this some. 
  • Evan sleeps on his tummy every night and every nap.
  • Evan can now sit up!  He does so great, but we still put pillows or the boppy around him just in case.
  • Evan loves his exersaucer and he is really interacting with all the toys!
  • Evan has gorgeous eyes.  Some days they look green and others just blue.
  • Evan has so much pudge!  I just love it!
  • Evan's hair is growing and growing and is brown...much darker than Zoe's.
  • Evan still has crazy eyebrows!
  • Evan loves bath time and now takes a bath at the same time as his Big Sis.  He no longer bathes in the baby tub, but sits in a bath chair!
  • Evan is such a cuddler!
  • Evan is pretty chill if you ask me.  I have been very blessed to have easy babies.
  • Evan now opens his mouth real big for kisses!
  • Evan is such a sweet baby!!! I just love him oh so much!
Now...Zoe is not a huge fan of the camera...but boy did she get jealous of me only wanting to take picture of Evan.  I kept telling her to move because I needed to take pictures of him.  She would say "Evan's turn" then "Zoe's turn".  
I love my sweet babies!  Zoe does so well with Evan!  She always wants to include him in our prayers and share with him!  She loves to feed him...things he can't quite eat yet, but I think it is so sweet!  In the morning, Evan is the first thing she asks for and she runs to his room, climbs on his crib and says "HI EVAN!"...scares Evan to death but I can't help but smile.  Zoe also loves to help me put Evan down for his nap...she tiptoes out of his room and always tells me she is going to shut the door "I got it Mommy".  Zoe is such a helper and an awesome big sister!


I'm Cindi... said...

You're right, Becca! His look is totally changing for sure. His hair is definitely thicker, and he's starting to get that "big boy" look. Gotta love how that jealousy works out sometimes. :) Have a great weekend!

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Happy baby, sweet smile

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