Friday, March 2, 2012

6 Month Check Up

Because Evan's 4 months fell around Christmas, we pushed his appointment by about 2 weeks and that is why we just now had his 6 months...he is days from being 7 months old.  Oh well, here we go.
Evan weighs 16 lbs 8.8oz and is in the 21%.
He is 26 inches tall and in the 20%.
And his head circumference is 17 in and he is in the 23%.
We got to see Dr. Evans this go around, my favorite doctor!  She said he looked wonderful and was hitting all his milestones great.  We had a long conversation about his pooping and she did seem somewhat concerned that he went from once a week to every am I...finally a doctor who tells me it is not just "normal"! So I will be watching Evan's poop {YAY} for the next couple days to see if anything changes.  The great thing is that between the reflux and pooping issues, he is still gaining weight great so that is not affecting him.

We also discussed eating.  I can now incorporate meats, pureed of course, and I should be giving him about 4oz of water in a sippy cup!  She said starting the 3 meal routine is great, but 2 meals is still fine.  And she was so happy to see that I was still breastfeeding and that he was doing great.  In my mind, my goal with Evan was to get to 6 months breastfeeding and we are now almost to 7!

Evan had to get 3 vaccines, 1 oral and 2 shots.  He took them like a champ....poor guy.

Great Checkup!  Next one is at 9 months and I was able to schedule Zoe and Evan's on the same day...Score for Mommy!

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