Tuesday, March 27, 2012

8 & 3

This past weekend, we headed to Berry to celebrate Ian and Tucker's Birthdays!  These boys are growing so fast!  It is hard to believe that the first time I met Ian he was 3 years old and now he is 8!

The boys wanted a Motorcycle Themed cake...Holly did such a good job!

 Carson was so excited for a cupcake...he kept telling us which colors he wanted..."I want Green, no I want yellow...No I want red!"

 Carson couldn't resist the mud hole!  It is like it was calling his name...he played here majority of the day!

 Holly had the kids play a fun game with donuts!  All the kids got to play this year and it was so funny watching all of them try so hard to get the donuts without their hands...the little ones got tired and used their hands though!

 Buying for boys is so hard for me...I never know what to get.  But when I saw these bug catching supplies, I immediately thought of Tucker!  We got Tucker a Bug Box (Full of Gummy Worms), a Net and lots of fake bugs and one big slimy fly!
 We got Ian board game HedBandz.

Another year and birthday have come and gone....we sure did love spending time with family celebrating these two very special boys!


Elizabeth said...

You've got some really great photos in there! Zoe's outfit is adorable. And, I just might have to use that donut game for a retreat ice breaker

kimberly t. bowling said...

These pics look like it was a BLAST...everyone of those kiddos seem to be having f.u.n. The donut game cracks me up...

Cordes Mom said...

The donut game was a hit last year, so I had to do a repeat this year, too. With yet another success, I'll probably make it an annual thing. They all LOVE it, and it's pretty fun for the adults to watch, too. Ian and Tucker are loving their gifts from y'all. We've caught and released (sometimes not living anymore...OOPS!) all sorts of little buggies and Headbandz is a great game! We've played it several times and it's now on our "Take Camping" list. Thank you so much for coming and bringing the kids. It was so good to see y'all. Love y'all!