Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Noah's Angels

Before I start...I have a question!

How long is it acceptable for me to blame my actions on my hormones?

Forever, You Say!...Okay...Good!

Today, I started tearing up (it's my hormones) while checking out at Ballare!  Maybe it was because I spent a small fortune on an XS pink leotard with skirt attached, size 7 ballet slippers and a pair of nude pink tights...or maybe because I have hit a moment in life that is reminding me of how fast time flies!  

My Zoe Jane twirled and twirled in the mirror while she tried in her new attire for her first ballet class tonight!  And I just wanted to cry.  Where did my baby girl go?!?!

Tonight, we head to Buford School of Ballet, a Christian dance studio located up the street from our house.  I have to share their mission statement because it just makes me so excited that places like this exist!!!!

Our Mission is to teach our students that dance is a gift from God and we give all praise and thanks to Our Heavenly Father.

To instill a Christian and fun loving environment in the classroom while learning the beautiful art of dance.  

To expose the dancer to liturgical dance which is the use of movement to traditional and contemporary Christian music in worship services as well as dance performances.

Amazing, right!?!

I did not grow up dancing...I am pretty sure I had way to much energy to stand still long enough to learn how to...but Zoe constantly asks us to dance with her, to play dress up, and for us to sing to her...and I just know she is going to LOVE this!

Zoe is going to be in 2-3yr old class, Noah's Angels, that meets Wednesday night and Friday morning!  Her class is a 30 minute Christian themed story, that takes the girls on a boat ride where they become elephants, lions, monkeys and turtles.  Can't Wait!


kimberly t. bowling said...

This sounds just DELIGHTFUL!! Love their message. Can't wait to see her in it all! And boy the time sure does fly....she should still be a baby in your arms!

JLLS7984 said...

oh my goodness, I loved dance as a child. Sounds like she will be the best little dancer ever!