Monday, March 5, 2012

Our Week

 We had a crazy, jam packed week last week, full of play dates, lunch dates, playing at the park and lots of learning!

Every morning, Zoe and I do something fun and educational!  This morning, we put together mini puzzles of different animals.  Each one she put together, we would say the animals name and its sound.  We also have been practicing letters so I would tell her what letter the animal's name started with and together we would practice the sound that letter made.  

Zoe and I have also started watching the Leap Frog movies.  Zoe's favorite is the Phonics show with Violet and Scout.  She also likes the Numbers show.  These shows are great!!!!  Zoe has started to learn all her letter sounds and is recognizing different letters everywhere she goes.  Anytime she sees letters...she starts saying "I see 'F'...F Mama!  or "B says bbbbb".  I can't believe what great memories kids have!  Her favorite letters a F, W, and Z

Another morning, we practiced colors with pipe cleaners.  She is doing so great with her colors.  She still gets hung up on some, but she knows all the color words.  We practice colors every chance we get...with her vitamins, with m&ms, with her clothes, shoes, crayons...everything!
 With pipe cleaners, we also made shapes and cut them to learn big and small and practice counting!
Evan has mastered the exersaucer!  He can play with each little toy and he stands and balances so great!  It also seems to help with his digestive system because he always seems to blow one up when he is playing in it! 
 Zoe loves to paint!!!  She asks to paint all the I decided to get out the watercolors.  We had to practice a couple times for to get the hang of dipping the brush in the water before into the colors.  Another great way for us to practice our colors!

Tuesday afternoon, we loaded up and headed to Dunwoody to have lunch at La Madeleine's with Nicole and Olivia.  Such amazing company!  Nicole and I met at the Women's Retreat last year at Covecrest and have kept in touch.  I can't wait to spend another weekend with her and 100 or so other women in April!

Thursday was to die for gorgeous after Evan's check up, we headed to Sims Lake Park for the rest of the afternoon.

 Zoe is such a little explorer!

After playing...we just had to soak up the nice weather a little bit we had dinner at Mellow Mushroom on the and pizza....yummo!

Friday, we had our last Kindermusik class in the morning and then ventured to Athens to spend the day with Jenny, Flint and Benjamin!  I just love this family and I am so glad it is so important to both of us to spend time with one another...even with an hour drive!

What a week!!!!


kimberly t. bowling said...

That last pic = awesomeness. love it!

Praatsh said...

is zoe wearing toms? i think we have matching pairs! :) love!!!