Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Doctor Visit and Something Beautiful

We had a quick visit with Dr. Pohl yesterday. Grace Baby's heart rate was strong again, in the 160s. We got to see her, too. It was just beautiful seeing that heart beat and she was moving around a ton. Her little hands were right by her face! She grew so much from our 1st ultrasound only a few weeks ago. LOVE!

But this pretty much sums up the visit. Short and sweet.

I think any time a woman finds out she is pregnant....life instantly changes. My life has changed so much! Finding out I was pregnant was one thing, finding out there were complications was another. It was hard to swallow at first, but all the responses I have gotten from so many of you has made this all bearable!

I have had several members of women's prayer groups contact me to pray for our precious little one. My Pastor, Monsignor Talley, took time after morning mass to pull me aside, say a prayer over me and my baby and give me words of encouragement. I have gotten cards, food, emails...all sending us prayers of hope and love. I am overwhelmed with love. People who don't know me or Zach but somehow heard of our Grace Baby are praying for us.

I would like to share with you all something that happened to me yesterday that instantly brought me to tears. I have told you all that my sister, Kaitlin, is my prayer warrior. She amazes me everyday with her faith. She is beautiful and on fire for Christ. Truly someone to look up to. We went back and forth with texts and here is what they said:

K: Do you remember Amanda, who you met when you came to see me?

(Amanda was one of Kaitlin's camp counselors this summer. She is from NY)

R: Yes

K: She goes to morning mass and prays for Grace Baby each day and today the Priest asked if he could say Mass for Grace Baby and if she would share the story with the Parish so they could pray for Grace Baby too.

(At morning masses, people speak their prayer intentions aloud....so all present can pray for them.)

God is AMAZING! I am crying as I write this to you all because it just shows me how much God loves me, Zach and our Grace Baby....no matter what happens!

Before I went to the doctor for the first time, before we got news of our baby's issues, I called this baby my Pop Pop baby....where one life ends, another begins. This baby was conceived right around the time my Pop Pop passed away. So right away...I called it this. I only told Kaitlin.

K: And the part that gets me the most is that Amanda lives right near where Pop Pop did and you said this was your Pop Pop baby and now where Pop Pop lived, people are praying!

R: You are making me cry at work!

K: Oh, sorry. Just wanted to share God's glory with you!

I am not only amazingly blessed by the people around me....or far from me....but by my faith! I love being Catholic! I fall more and more in love with my faith everyday! The more I learn, the more I strive to learn even more....Faith is a never ending journey....you can never learn enough. The more I pray....the more I hear from God. The more I receive Jesus through The Eucharist and pay attention to the actual beauty of Communion....the more filled I become! The more in Love with Jesus I fall. I have never felt so much joy and sorrow in my life.

I praise God for our Grace Baby....Because of Her, I want more of Him. I see a different God then I did before. I see Him in everything happening to my family. I see him in every email, every prayer, every card....I see Him in EVERYTHING! And this is something I didn't ever see before.



Kaitlin said...

BECCA!!!! I love you :)

Anonymous said...

so special!! your strength and faith is amazing! love you!

Candace said...

I'm so glad that heartbeat is loud and clear! Prayers continue!

Isn't faith so wonderful? When others lose hope - those with faith thrive!

Anonymous said...

You made me cry! You're so awesome, Rebecca! Whatever happens is all in God's perfect timing! <3 you!