Friday, July 30, 2010

Doctor Visit and Advice

Tuesday, Zach and I headed to the doctor to get our weekly check. Each week, we will be going in to check the heart rate and my condition, I am assuming.

Grace Baby’s heart rate was a strong 177, so proud! I was so happy to hear this because Dr. Read had said one of the effects of all the fluid could be it hurting the heart. Not as of now. All the fluid is still present…it looks like a halo around her body. All my vitals checked fine, too.

Dr. Pohl discussed a ton of “what ifs” with us and answered all the questions I had from my specialist visit. I am so glad that I already have a relationship with him. He respected me and how I wanted to deliver the first time around….he was patient with my body and let it progress naturally instead of wanting to rush things. He listened to me and wanted the best for us. And I feel that he wants the same the second time around. So I trust him! I trust in what he says, what he suggests, what he thinks…that he does these things for the best outcome for our baby.

But I place all my Trust in God and what His plan is for us. If He wants our Grace Baby, He will have her. If He wants the fluid to disappear and for her to be a healthy baby here with us….He will make it happen. My heart aches for those who put all their trust in doctors….they don’t have all the answers! And because of this…some can never be at peace. I am, right now, at peace.

We are taking things week by week!

Now on to the advice….since Zoe is now sitting up on her own, naps have become a whole lot more challenging. She just sits there and cries! The whole separation anxiety thing has hit full force the last couple weeks. I totally thought I beat it….wrong!
So….Do I put more things in her crib to play with until she just conks out? Do I just let her cry and fall over in exhaustion? Do I go in and pat her and sing to sleep….EVERY TIME?!? I am okay with any scenario….Just wondering what you all have done to get through this time. This too shall pass.

And let me say a humungous THANK YOU to all of you! I can just feel all your prayers surrounding us. And I cannot express enough how much this means to Zach and me. We are so blessed!


Carrie said...

When Cade was small we put the fish aquarium in his crib. It is the one with lights and music and bubbles that he can turn on. It also comes with a remote so that you can turn it on from out of her door. The music and the lights help them go to sleep. Cade loved it. I have one if you want to try it. I can mail it to you!

Blankenship Babbles said...

Your faith is amazing...Thanks for sharing your story for us...I'm praying for Grace Baby and your entire family.

Have you tried a crib soother for baby girl? It helped get us through that awkward stage, we really only had to have it a few months until she didn't really even need it anymore and went to sleep on her own, but it held our oldest daughter's attention until she conked out from wonderment...something like this...sounds like Carrie and I had the same idea :)

Kyler, Jennifer, and Olivia Clark said...

Still praying for you each day. I am so happy to hear you have peace with everything.

And for my advice.... When Olivia reached the age when sleep was becoming an issue We purchased the fisher price fish aquarium for her crib. She could turn it on by myself and the calming music and watching the fish swim helped her to calm down and sleep. BEST baby toy we ever bought. It also helped alot when she woke up in the middle of the night. We would often hear the music start playing in the middle of the night. Much better than the sounds of a screaming baby :)

Lone Butterfly said...

HUGS! We are praying for you! And Dr. Pohl is AWESOME!

Katie Klohn said...

Zoe is going to be such a wonderful Big Sister! I am amazed by your faith and I know that He already has a plan. I am hoping this baby if it is a girl will be named, Grace!