Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some Updates

Monday was our weekly visit with Dr. Pohl. No ultrasound this week, which was really a bummer. Zach couldn’t make it so Kaitlin came with me. I swore to myself after the first appointment I went to alone that I wouldn’t do that again. I need extra ears and support.

Dr. Pohl answered some more of my questions. I have been really confused by the FISH results. Don’t get me wrong, I was beyond ecstatic to get back a normal test. I was just expecting to hear that Oliver had Trisomy 13 or 18….I just feel like I prepare myself mentally week after week for the wrong things. Dr. Pohl informed me that it could also be Trisomy 16.

We discussed cystic hygromas, which Dr. Read had mentioned but neither Zach nor I could remember what was said. Dr. Pohl said the cystic hygroma could lead to us having to have a c-section, but reassured me that if this were to happen….he is highly supportive of VBACs and done many! That was a relief!

My baby boy’s heart rate was a strong 135! I just love this good news week after week. We finished off the appointment with Dr. Pohl telling me we only needed to come every 2 weeks now. So, next appointment is on the 7th.

Lately, Zoe and I have been taking naps together daily. I have come to the realization that she is growing, FAST, and I want to cling to anything “baby” that I have left. She is so sweet when she sleeps. I just love it! The last couple naps she has been laying on my tummy. I can’t help but think she just wants to lay with her brother. It warms my heart. We also have started to talk to her about Oliver. I lifted my shirt, showing her my tummy and she just started to give it tons of kisses. She is such a blessing! Zoe brings my mind back to earth. She makes everything okay.


momofbugs said...

So cute. I love snuggling with my girls. Rylee keeps getting into bed with us and I love to hold her close until I fall asleep.

Hollyhand House said...

I love that Zoe sleeps on your tummy! How sweet is that?! I know what you mean by holding on to every bit of "baby" left I have been doing the same thing. When she will actually snuggle with me, I take full advantage of it!