Thursday, August 26, 2010

Letters to Oliver

My Oliver,

I want to tell you all about the people that you will be meeting soon. All the people that impact Mommy and Daddy’s life. All the people that love you! I just can’t wait for them all to meet you because you are such a gift to us. When you arrive, it is going to be like Christmas morning for me….no better! I get so excited just thinking about it.

Let’s start with your Great Grandma. We call her Panchito. Different I know, but it fits. Panchito lives in Arizona. It is really hot there…but she loves it. Panchito is Grammy’s Mommy. Although Panchito has always lived far away, we get to see her at least once a year. She was so excited to hear she would have a 6th great grandchild when I told her about you!

Now for your grandparents. Daddy’s Mommy and Daddy are your Grandma and Granddaddy. They are so young at heart and so in love after so many years of marriage. They have so much love in their hearts to spread around to all of their family. They love their family so much! They love you so much! Grandma and Granddaddy live in Berry, a very small town in Alabama. This is where your Daddy grew up. Daddy loves going home and can’t wait to show you everything! Mommy’s Mommy and Daddy are Grammy and Papa. They live just 20 minutes from where your home is. You are their first grandson! They can’t stop bragging about you..they are so proud. Grammy and Papa are so loving and would do anything for you! Grammy even has special waffles and cookies just for you…how cool is that? You see, Oliver, you are already so loved and we haven’t even gotten started!

Daddy has 2 brother, Shawn and Cory and 2 sisters, Holly and Heather. Daddy comes from a BIG loving family. Your Uncle Shawn is such a great example to your Daddy and has taught him a lot. Your Daddy looks up to him very much. He has taught your Daddy how to be a hard worker and a good Christian man. Uncle Shawn is married to Aunt Misty and they have 3 beautiful daughters. Your Aunt Misty is so loving and calm, until you get her to a mall or turn on an Alabama football game…she just comes alive. We just love them all and they all love you, too. Then there is Uncle Cory. It is safe to say that your Uncle Cory has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met. He would help your Daddy with anything…no matter what! He is quite the jokester, too. You will love him! Uncle Cory is married to Aunt Kimberly. Kimberly and Mommy are great friends from way back. We have gone through a lot together and she is such a great support for me. She will buy you a ton of cute clothes…she just can’t help herself. Aunt Kimberly loves to shop! Carson is their little boy. I just imagine the two of you now! Daddy’s oldest sister is Holly. Aunt Holly is married to Uncle Jared and they have two boys, Ian and Tucker. Holly is just loves your big sister and I know she will love you, too. She is such a wonderful mother and I know your Daddy looks up to her a lot. Daddy’s younger sister is Heather. Heather loves her nieces and nephews. You will probably call her Taco! Are you keeping up? We have a long way to go!

Mommy has 2 sisters, Chrysti and Kaitlin. Aunt Chrysti is Mommy’s older sister and she is married to Joe. Your Aunt Chrysti is a huge lover of babies. She just can’t get enough of them. She cannot wait to hold you and love on you. Chrysti has taught Mommy a whole lot about being a strong woman and a loving Mother. Uncle Joe is a Marine. You will be so proud of him. He is fighting in a big war so that you can be safe when you arrive. Chrysti and Joe have 4 daughters. They are going to eat you up! Mommy’s younger sister is Kaitlin. You will probably call her Aunt KK. She has a heart the size of Texas! She is so full of the Lord and she will teach you so much about love and faith and hope. She is a missionary and she helps people all the time. She is a blessing to everyone she meets. She will be to you, too. All of your family will be!

You also have a Great Aunt and Great Uncle, Laura and Tim. This is Grammy’s sister and Papa’s brother. Your Aunt Laura calls to hear all about you all the time. And Uncle Tim lives really close, so he wouldn’t miss meeting you for anything!

Mommy and Daddy are extremely blessed to have some amazing friends, which are more like family. You will get to meet Mr. Don and Ms. Brenda. They are just awesome! They would do anything for you without thinking twice. They will be kind of like grandparents to you, too. How lucky are you? You have 3 sets of Grandparents! God has blessed Daddy and me with amazing friends that encourage us and love us and they are pretty fun, too. We have friends that we have known a long time, like Ms. Crystal and Mr. Riley or Ms. Alyshia and Mr. Greg or Ms. Jenny, and we also have some that we just met recently, like Mr. Nick and Ms. Katie. God brought each one of them into our lives at the perfect time. I could go on and on about the people that you will get to meet. Everyone cannot wait for your arrival!

Mommy and Daddy are so blessed by you, Oliver. And we can’t wait to show our little blessing to all the people that bless us each and every day! Get ready!




And they call it puppy love said...

Awww this is so sweet. Made me tear up a bit.

momofbugs said...

I liked it too. It is amazing how many people we are connected to. And you know Julie considers all the kids involved cousins which I think is so cute.