Thursday, August 19, 2010

9 Month Check Up

Zoe Jane had a wonderful check up! Dr. Evans was so excited to see her so chunky!
Zoe weighs 17 lbs 9.5 oz. She is right on track for a 9 month old. She is about 21 inches tall. Right on track, too! Zoe is talking so much! Her personality is just beaming! She has such a contagious smile and her giggles never end.
Developmentally, Zoe is doing great. She is pulling up on everything, crawling, really understand how some toys work. She is having some anxiety and the doctor said there might be some stranger anxiety soon.
Zoe is just perfect! Bias, I know! She got her last Hepatitis B shot. Only one vaccination this time around. We went over all the things she should be doing until her 12 month check up. We are going to start milk in the 11th month and hopefully switching her to her toddler carseat very soon.
I am so happy to have such a great check up!


momofbugs said...

Oh my goodness the last picture is my favorite of all...well so far!!!! YEAH for healthy, happy, ZOE~~

Mama Kayla said...

She's BEAUTIFUL! And doing great! You must be doing something right. :-)