Saturday, August 28, 2010

Letters to Oliver


I can't stop smiling. Our God is so good. Friday, August 27th, Dr. Read's nurse called us with the results to the tests we had done on you.

Oliver....everything came back normal. Every little chromosome in your body is just the way it should be. God made you perfect! God made you just the way you are for a reason!

I can't help but imagine that your doctors are scratching their heads in disbelief because they thought they had everything about you figured out. That you are just another case they had seen before. But you aren't! God is in control of you and what you are and what you will be. God will let you live or take you into His arms. God...not the doctors.

Not matter what the doctors see, in my eyes you are beautiful and perfect and you are my little boy. We were meant for each other, you and I. My hope and joy for you are overflowing. I will carry these feelings with me through every other doctors appointment because this is how I should look at us; with joy and hope, not sadness. You are my joy. You bring me joy with every kick, with every beat of your heart.

Oliver, from what the doctors say, they still need to find out what is causing the amounts of fluid within your skin. This is their main concern. I know we are in good hands and I know everything will be okay because everything is just the way it should be. God planned you for me and me for you a long, long time ago. And He doesn't make mistakes.

You are perfect, my little boy! I love you!



momofbugs said...

God is so good to answer our prayers. Love you Oliver!

Courtney Long said...

wonderful news! God is good!

Christine said...

Praise God! He is do very kind and good. I will still be praying for your sweet family.

CRJFamily said...


Candace said...

This is fabulous news! I'm continuing to send prayers your way!

beemii said...

God is so good, man you make me cry with this letters...tears of joy of course=)