Thursday, March 4, 2010

We Love Our Family

This past weekend, we got to go visit Cory, Kimberly and Carson! Love seeing Carson and Zoe Jane interact....and it is getting more and more fun every time we visit. Both of them are growing like weeds....and hitting milestones so fast! Carson is now sitting is like a whole new baby. They are too stinkin cute together.
If this picture doesn't predict the future....I don't know what does?!?! I have a feeling these two are going to act more like brother and sister!
Not me Aunt Becca....I didn't do anything!


momofbugs said...

I am seeing more Byrne in Zoe lately..:) I can't believe how big she looks in the pictures. 27 more days to go and I am sure she is going to change so much more in just that time.

And they call it puppy love said...

Oh those are such good pics! I need a GOOD camera!

aimymichelle said...

awwww so cute.