Thursday, March 11, 2010


Let me just say......I am OBSESSED! Soooo finding one of these craft shows in Atlanta. But anywho, Zoe Jane and I traveled to Birmingham this past weekend to enjoy all the wonderfullness that is Cottontails! Love it!

Not only are there endless things to buy for your home, child, holidays, get SO MANY GOOD IDEAS! You look at something and try to come up with how you can do it yourself.

But for those things that I can not do myself, I purchased :)

I am all about the memories...I love taking pictures, I love blogging, I love anything that will help me remember the past and times I enjoyed. My favorite purchase from Cottontails was Handprints and Footprints of Zoe Jane. These small things just mean the world to me. And the Company that did it....Printing Memories....the women were so sweet!

I mean look at that precious little foot and all the wrinkles. You just can't get anything better than this! So when the final product comes in...I will definitely let you all see.

But sadly, this was not my only purchase....I couldn't resist the hairbows (photo shoot to come), t-shirts, Easter baskets, and I think I gained a couple pounds from all the samples!

Needless to say, I will be returning. And I can barely hold my excitement back for Christmas Village....I could jump out of the seat right now!


Kara@Pickerill Prattle said...

How neat! I love craft shows!

Cherry Berry said...

Oh my gosh! I hate when I am so close to something and I don't know about it until too late!! I literally live 45 minutes from Bham and I cannot believe I missed this!!! How do you find out about these things???? Is there a mailing list to get on or something??

swt_angel_79 said...

So cute and sweet! :) Love it!

Southern Cinderella said...

OMG! I can't believe I didnt know about this. I live like 3 hours from Birmingham, and my aunt lives like 30 minutes away. We love stuff like this! My aunt went to a Christmas one last year and said it took 2 days to look at everything! So glad you got some great stuff! Please show us the easter baskets :)

Southerland Living said...

SO Cute!!!

momofbugs said...

Ummm....I want to go. When is the Christmas one? This looks like one of the best I have seen. STM does Yellow Daisy in September which is good.

A. Gant said...

Christmas Village is my favorite, but I love them both! I had my kids handprints done w/ that same company. She is really sweet and I love how theirs turned out! It has been hanging in my living room for 2 years now!