Friday, March 12, 2010

The Truth about Running

I have been running since I started college. I ran my first Half Marathon in Atlanta in March 2004 and my first Full Marathon in San Diego in June 2004. I pretty much stopped running after this and was distracted by all the events of college. But I am so glad to be getting back into it. I really enjoy it...and I am sure a lot of you wonder how and why?

Well the truth is.....
  • It gets easier....starting is ALWAYS hard, whether you take one week off or 4 years off. But your body warms up very quickly. 4 weeks ago, 2 miles was hell on Earth for me. I could barely breathe, I felt every ounce of extra weight my body was carrying and if I saw a hill I wanted to just fall over and cry. But, now, I ran 6 miles last week and it was great!
  • You get a high. Yes....seriously...have you never heard of a Runner's High. Well, it is true. For me, it happens at mile 3 or 4. It is when all things in your body relax and the remainder of the run is so much easier. Your lungs open up and it is easier to breathe, your legs relax and there is no cramping, and you can just enjoy the run.
  • It is one of the best ways to get in shape. No body is DRASTICALLY different from 4 weeks ago. I have already lost 5 pounds...which may not seem like a lot, but I am also gaining back a lot of my muscle. It feels great!
  • I have a ton more energy! I feel like because of my running, or any exercising, I am a better Mommy for Zoe Jane. I have the energy to play with her all day. I love taking her for a run with me or going to the park. I can't wait for Spring to finally get here for good.
  • You can see the World running! For me to stay motivated, I have to set goals. The best way is by signing up for a race. Races are great too because they are always for a good cause...helping to raise money to fight breast cancer, childhood obesity, heart disease....You name it...there is a race for it. AND these races are all over the World! Zach and I are looking to run a full marathon in the year of our 5th Anniversary, 2013. We would really like to run it in Chicago! We will see!
  • The Runner's World is such a welcoming and fun community. Zach and I are looking to join our local runner's club that meets in Lawrenceville every Tuesday.
  • And the big truth is....I can't teach my daughter the importance of staying healthy and being active....if I am not myself. Lead by example!

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Mama Kayla said...

Awesome! I, too love running. It's something I've recently started and find myself looking for time to do it now. It's wonderful.