Monday, March 1, 2010

Updates on My 101 in 1001

I have been making some good progress on my 101 in 1001!

16. Take “me” time.

As I told you all in a previous post....I found my happy place and have started taking "me" time. So important, I think, for any person to take time for themselves. Whether it be to read a great book, take a long bath, run a couple miles, or, for me, enjoy a cup of Chai Tea and blog and read blogs. Unfortunately at the time due to what I gave up for lent, I have also given up me happy place until April. I miss you Chair Tea and chill music!

27. Start a new hobby.

I have started Crocheting and I love it! I just found a great website from one of my friend's blogs,, that has patterns for a tons of adorable things for you to make yourself. On it I found little booties to crochet. I can't wait! And yes.....I finally finished my first hat! Pictures to come....I am quite proud of myself!

29. Lose 40 pounds after November 2009 (30/40)....and then 10 more!

I am workin' on it! Getting back into running has been great. 3 miles is a piece of cake now! Yay! I lack about 8 lbs to being at what I weighed before getting pregnant and I would like to loose about 10 more after that. I just need to somehow convince myself that chocolate is the devil and cake and ice cream are his best friends...Ya Right!

31. Participate in the Peachtree Road Race.

Sign ups for the race are March 15th. Cross your fingers and say a prayer that Zach and I can get a number. This race fills up unbelievably fast!

34. During Lent, really give up something that matters.

I am so glad I gave up going out to eat. Not only is it better for my health and bank account to do this, but it is amazing how much more quality time Zach and I spend together. You don't realize while you are sitting in a restaurant, how little you talk to one another. For me at least, I would talk and Zach would stare at whichever TV was playing the sports event he was most interested in. Now we sit around our table, say a prayer, and talk about our days. So enjoyable!

38. Pay off all our Debits.

MY CAR IS PAID OFF....once we get our taxes back....PRAISE GOD!

43. Go 1 week without Television.

Well, not quite going without yet, but I am getting there. Zach and I are looking at our spending a lot lately to see where we are being wasteful and where we can be smarter with our money. TV is definitely an area where we can save. So we are down grading to the smallest package. Everything we watch are on local channels and everything else we watch is due to boredom. We both agreed that there is better things we could be doing with our time. So glad we are on the same page! So long "Keeping Up with the Kardashians". I will miss our time together!

51. Not go out to eat for 1 month.


66. Throw a Party!

This Friday I am hosting a Tupperware/Housewarming Party! One of the mommies from my Mommy Club is a correspondent for Tupperware! I have gone to 2 parties now and finally am hosting one of my own. The tupperware is amazing. Here is her website:
Email me if any of you want to place an order!


Anonymous said...

Yeah for #66! I can't wait to party with you!

Kara@Pickerill Prattle said...

I just found your blog from Southerland Living! I love it---super cute! My husband and I gave up going out to eat for lent too. It truly has been a wonderful experience so far! Stop by and see "me!"