Sunday, March 28, 2010

First Day

Today I started my new job......yes.....a new one. I wish I didn't have to start a new one, but this one isn't going to be too bad. Zach's job is starting to get into it's busy that means longer hours. So bye bye to the YMCA and hello to.....Kroger! I have always shopped at Kroger and love my kroger plus card and watching the savings just by scanning! So when I realized I needed to find something that had later hours....Kroger popped into my head first.

Did I mention the 20% discount I get for working there....ya! Can't wait to save more between Kroger plus card, coupons, and a discount....YAY!

First day went legs are definitely going to need to get used to standing for hours straight. Everyone was so nice, too! I have found that I really like working in a Customer Service atmosphere. I like meeting people a lot....even if for just 5 minutes. My favorite job ever was probably Chick-fil-a in high school. I just loved helping people....and eating free chick-fil-a everyday was AMAZING! hours have gone from 2:30-6:30 to 5:00-11:00. So not only will I work less days and get more hours....but (and the best part) I get to spend more of the day with my Zoe Jane. Now that she is on a good night time schedule, she goes to sleep between 7 and 8. So I am only missing 2 hours! Yay! So worth it!

Please pray for me and this new position!


dnwu said...
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aimymichelle said...

oh that is awesome!