Sunday, March 14, 2010

4 Months Old

  • Zoe is eating every 3 1/2 hours, 5-6 hrs at night, and about 4 ounces each feeding.
  • Zoe is in size 1-2 diapers and 0-3 or 3 months clothing.
  • Zoe goes to bed between 7 and 8pm, wakes once for a feeding, and then is up between 6-7am.
  • Zoe is drooling like crazy, chewing on everything, and sucking like there is no tomorrow.
  • Zoe still loves her pacie and it is the easiest way to soothe her.
  • Zoe refuses to lay down at times....she wants to be sitting up and in the action.
  • Zoe is starting to like to stand.
  • Zoe has bright blue eyes.
  • Zoe gets very flush after eating or when she is outside....this is definitely the Irish in her.
    • Zoe loves her Bumbo and is really getting strong sitting up.
    • Zoe plays with her floor gym a lot and loves the hanging monkey the best.
    • Zoe is mesmerized by the TV and all its we definitely limit exposure.
    • Zoe weighs about 12 pounds but we will see exactly how much at her check up.
    • Zoe has had one cold this season...
    • Zoe is so content.
    • Zoe loves a crowd.
    • Zoe enjoys her bath time a lot.
    • Zoe only pooped on the carpet once this month....great improvement!
    • Zoe naps OK in her crib....but could sleep for hours in our arms or on our bed.
    • Zoe travels really well.
    • Zoe loves her tummy time and has started to roll a little.
    • Zoe follows objects with her eyes great and loves to look at the pages when I read to her.
    • Zoe is extremely ticklish.
    • Zoe smiles all day long...and at anyone who smiles at her first.
    • Zoe is really active, kicking her feet and moving her arms.
    • Zoe is starting to notice she has that the weather is warming up, they aren't always covered.
    • Zoe loves being naked.
    • Zoe loves kisses....she opens her mouth real wide and, if we are lucky, we might get some tongue action...haha.
    • Zoe loves to grab Zach's beard (ouch) and my mouth (double ouch)!
    • Zoe is quite the talker.
    • Zoe has a strong grip!
    • Zoe responds to her name.
    • Zoe has Daddy's eyebrows, lips, nose, and head shape and has Mommy's eyes, ears, hair color and eye color.
    • Zoe loves playing "peek-a-boo"
    • Zoe has redish blonde hair and a ton of it.
    • Zoe laughs out loud and it makes your day!
    • Zoe is such a joy and we are extremely BLESSED!

    Things that Helped me Survive this Month:

    • THE BUMBO! Wow....since Zoe Jane is loving to sit up....this has helped so much. I put toys on the tray and can get so much done. And it is helping to strengthen her back for sitting up....hit two birds with one stone.
    • Getting out....not by myself but with my Hubby! Having a night out with Zach was spending time together and in a way reconnecting just for a couple hours is so necessary...I would highly suggest it! And it helps to have Grammy and Papa so close so we don't have the expense of childcare.
    • No schedule has been set for trying to set one this month, I realized it is kind of unrealistic. Right now....I say if it gets done...GREAT! It makes it really hard though to do laundry or clean the kitchen when I am the only one who cares if it gets done....sadly Zach could care less!
    • I have said this before....but exercising has really helped me survive! The weather hasn't helped with it that much rained a ton this past month!
    • So glad we have the plastic simple....but Zoe Jane loves them and they occupy her for a long time....especially in the car!
    • BOOGIE WIPES, a Nasal aspirator and Q-Tips. Zoe Jane woke up a week ago with a ton of congestion. These 3 things got me through! I love the boogie wipes for myself, too! You know how you get red and raw all around your nose when you have a cold from blowing your nose so much....well these solve the problem. The Boogie Wipes has saline and aloe and they smell awesome!

    P.S. Please say a prayer for Zach....he is taking Zoe Jane to her Dr. appointment this month...poor thing has to get 2 shots and one oral.....and it is no fun to watch Zoe go through this!


    Cherry Berry said...

    Those pictures are so pretty! She looks like a true southern belle with those pearls! Just precious!
    Thanks for the site for bargain watcher. I'm going to check it out. Even if they don't have one in Bham, Atl is only a 2 1/2 hour drive (according to the hubs).

    Hollyhand House said...

    Love the pictures...they look professional! :) I cant believe she is already 4 months!! She just gets cuter and cuter everyday! Its so funny you said she weighs approx. 12 lbs because I weighed AR last week and she is approx. 11 lbs! I guess she is going to be a chunk! haha :)

    Hollyhand House said...

    Oh and I love her flower!! So cute!

    Anonymous said...

    those pictures are amazing!!!

    Mama Kayla said...

    She's beautiful!

    The Sweet Life said...

    these are soo precious. she is too cute!

    Candace said...

    Cute pictures! Don't they grow so fast?!?!

    kimberly t. bowling said...

    Love the photo shoot....classic!! You must enlarge some and frame them! Great update too...wonderful to have these memories for you to look back on in the future, especially when your brain has turned to complete mush like mine! :)