Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Michelle is the Biggest Loser!

I love the show "The Biggest Loser". This season was for families....those who were born to being fat or those who were sworn to being fat. Bob had all the husbands and wives and Jillian had the parents and kids. Last night was the season finale and Michelle won!!!! Michelle and her mom, Renee, have been my favorite team from the start. I am so glad they won. They played to game with integrity, unlike some on the show, and came out on top. Not to mention, they weren't only battling weight, but they had a bad relationship going into the show. They had not spoken for 6 years since Renee and Michelle's dad got this time for them on the show was changing their lives in every way. I am so proud of what they both accomplished and so glad Michelle won!

And....there is another season starting in January...YAY! Here is the sneak peek.

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