Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas at The Phillips House

Friday, Zach and I headed to Berry for Christmas with The Phillips Side. We had a great time! Zach got money to buy him a new pair of golf shoes....much needed considering his other ones have been glued together a couple times. I got a web cam and Mamma Mia...such a cute movie. Every year the siblings and in laws draw names for gifts. Misty got my name and got me the cutest gifts. Earlier, Zach and I had said we weren't going to spend too much on Christmas since we had gotten the couch and a new mattress....we'll be didn't listen obviously (not complaining though). I got Zach the Greatest hits of Journey...he is obsessed with Journey! He also got me M&M's with our pictures printed on them and they said "I love you". So thoughtful :) Babies EVERYWHERE! I can't wait for next Christmas because there will be 2 more added to the mix!
I guess I had a Back Pack theme this year for the girls. We got Katie Beth and Carly quilted packs with their initials monogrammed. They turned out really cute.

Kendall's First Christmas!

These are the gifts Misty got me....she did good!

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