Monday, December 29, 2008

Flip Burger Boutique!

My Uncle Tim treated "The Kids" to dinner and dessert for Christmas. He is a Huge Food Guru and loves Top Chef. So what better place to takes us to then to a restaurant opened by one of the Top Chef finalist. We went to Flip Burger in Atlanta and it was AMAZING! Not your typical burger, but that is what made it so great. It was so nice spending time with everyone, especially Tim since he just moved back from St. Paul. After Dinner, we headed to Decatur for dessert. We went to Chocolate Bar.....need I say more.

Not only did they have fabulous burgers and onion rings, but they had quite out of the ordinary milkshakes....We got Krispy Kreme to kind of freaked me out how much it tasted like a donut....but very good!

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