Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Little Zoo That Could

Friday, Zach and I took Dakota to the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo. Zach had never been and had the day off after our appointment that morning, so I thought it woud be perfect. Dakota's mom got us a membership so I could take Dakota whenever and it has been great and we get to bring a guest for free. The zoo is quite small compared to some of the other Zoos I have been to, but it is so much more personal. The animals are so close and some roam around the zoo all day. The Zoo raises many different species of cats and they are all gorgeous. Zach found a favorite immediately. One of the tigers was begging for Zach's attention. Everytime Zach would turn around to go on around the zoo, the tiger would start jumping all over the place to get him to turn back around. Once he did, she would start her normal pace along the fence....but right when he turned around again...the entertainment began. It was so funny.

These are the babies! So Cute!

Dakota loves going but doesn't really pay attention to the animals....but it is a great way for her to get some fresh air and for us to do something out of the norm every so often for my sanity.

This is the jumping tiger. Zach can't wait to go back and visit her.

The geese are free to roam around the Zoo and they are loud and demanding! They wouldn't leave Zach alone.

The Zoo was featured on Animal Planet. There show was "The Little Zoo the Could". When Ivan hit the Gulf Coast, the Zoo had to evacuate too. The show documents this time and it is really facinating. If any of you visit Gulf Shores, I would suggest going to the Zoo....I know I are coming to the beach...who wants to go to the ZOO...but it is really great and fun for kids too!

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Candace said...

True Gulf Coast Zoo Story:

The geese featured in the bottom picture got after Jonathan. A very humorous zoo trip!