Saturday, December 20, 2008

June 20th

Tickets are purchased....seats are reserved....We are seeing Jersey Boys....WHOA!


Joy said...

What is the date The Jersey Boys will be playing in Atlanta? I had hoped to see it the last time I was in New York but the tickets were just too expensive. 700.00 a ticket! Of course, I only started trying to get a ticket about two months out.I am planning a date to go to Atalnta to the IKEA store so I might just wait and see a play also!
Thanks, Joy Lawson

Rebecca said...

They are playing May 27 through June 21st. The website is I can't wait. Hopefully you will get to see it too. When we booked, we got Orchestra Level Right Center tickets and they were $65....not too bad.

Joy said...

Thanks, Rebecca. I need to make a correction on my first was early when I commented and I should have done a preview.....Jersey Boys was sold out and it was $700.00 for 3 tickets from an online scalper!

Cyndee said...

I saw this in NYC last year and it was WONDERFUL! Mom and I are going to see it again in Atlanta on June 6th...can't wait! We should have planned it on the same day:)