Friday, May 4, 2012

Where did this week go!?!

I cannot believe it is already happy....but this week FLEW!

We were busy bees this week playing with all our friends and staying outside all day long!  The weather here in Georgia has been perfect and you just can't help but bask in it!

Last Saturday we met up with The Koerner's at Suwanee Town Center to play in The Fountains!  The kids had an absolute blast....Greggie's face sums up the experience!

We packed up dinner and ate picnic style on the was so nice!  Dessert....can't pass up some Yogli Mogli!

Sunday we headed to Mass at Prince of Peace and every time we go...I fall more and more in love with the community!  This past Sunday was Good Shepherd Sunday.

I am the good shepherd,
and I know mine and mine know me,
just as the Father knows me and I know the Father;
and I will lay down my life for the sheep.

Fr. Eric's Homily was fabulous!  He started by asking each of us if we knew the people to our left, right, behind us, in front...nope!  I grew up in the Catholic Church and it doesn't matter which one you attend...all in the Atlanta area are large...very large!  And I love that...but it means you have to put forth effort in getting to know people, really make relationship...sometimes come out of your comfort zone and that is what Fr. Eric called each of us out on.  So Zach and I met all the people around us and it was AWESOME!  There was a couple behind us, the wife was Kelly, and they had a daughter a little older than Zoe and a newborn!  There was a older grandparents age and the man laughed just like my PopPop!  Come to find out his name was Tom...warmed my soul!  Fr. Eric continued to talk about the importance of community and how God has called us to be communal people!  Loved every minute of his Homily!

Monday, Zach and I were so blessed to be asked to be part of a parent panel for a new ministry in the Archdiocese of Atlanta called embrace.  embrace is a ministry to help families who have suffered infant loss through miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death.  The workshop we attended on Monday was to help educated clergy on ways to better minister to these families.  It was so therapeutic going and telling everyone about our sweet Oliver, expressing how The Church was helpful and where they could have helped more.  After the parent panel, so many men, priests and deacons, came up to us and thanked us, cried with us, prayed over was truly beautiful!  And it is so clear that Zach and I are right where we belong and God is leading us to do good and to use our Little Oliver for His Glory!

Tuesday was back to the Fountains in Suwanee to play with Carson and Colin!  So much fun!  Tuesday night was our Rally for Tupperware and I was #10 in sales for consultants for our district.  I was so excited!!!  And I learned a very valuable point that many of you might be able to take with you if you are in the home sales business.  I need to stop seeing myself as a pest to people.  I am offering my customers one of the most known, reliable and loved products in the history of the US.  Sales are sales....and they can be tough, but if I stay positive and realize that I am partying with these people to show them an amazing product and I chose this route so I could stay home with my children...those two reasons are good enough for me and will keep me going!  Stay Positive!

Wednesday we played with Greggie and Ria in their fun backyard!  I am learning that Zoe doesn't really like to be hot...and she was begging to go inside.  Can we say Girly Girl!?!  Not sure where she got that from because you could not get me in the house at the end of the day when I was little.  Wednesday night I hosted an Initials party for a woman from Church.  Their products are so cute and my list was a mile long!  It was nice to have the girls over to some drinks and dessert!

Thursday we ran around all day with errands and grocery shopping.  And we had dinner with friends at our house and just had a blast playing outside in Zoe and Evan's new sandbox!  Can;t wait for our deck to be done so we can lock the back gates and just play in the backyard for hours and hours!

How is it that my days just seem to fly right by?!?!  Does this happen to you, too!?!

Happy Friday....Hello Weekend!!!


Jennifer said...

Zoe's swimsuit is adorable. Where is that from?

Rebecca Phillips said...

Target :)

Rebecca Phillips said...
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momofbugs said...

I can't remember his laugh.....makes losing him so much harder. Sounds like you had a great week. So glad you can use your experience with oliver to touch others.