Monday, May 14, 2012

9 Months Old

  • Evan wears size 9 month, some 6-9 and some 12 months clothes.
  • Evan wears size 3 diapers, but probably will be in size 4 very soon.
  • Evan wears a size 2 shoe.
  • Evan goes to the doctor tomorrow and we will have all his stats then.

  • Evan breastfeeds right when he wakes up, at Noon and right before bed.
  • Evan eats like a machine!  You cannot feed this kid fast enough...if he sees food, he will cry until it is in his mouth.
  • Evan eats list all the things he has tried this past month would go on forever.  Anything we have eaten this month, he has eaten.  We do not smash his food up anymore, just break into smaller bites.  His gums are extremely strong.
  • Evan has no teeth.

  • Evan sleeps great and has only had a couple nights where he has woken up this past month.  Once you give him his pacie, he is right back out.
  • Evan wakes between 6-6:30am, takes a nap around 8, another nap around 12 at the same time as Zoe and his last nap is between 4-5 depending on the day.  Bedtime is around 7pm
  • Evan loves his pacie and blanket when he sleeps.  He covers himself with his is so sweet!
  • Evan sleeps on his side or tummy.

  • Evan sits like a champ and doesn't ever fall back.
  • Evan rolls great and moves constantly when on his tummy.
  • Evan just recently showed signs of crawling by pulling his knees up closer to his body.  He is so content and just happy where he is.
  • Evan has started to move his way to items he wants when he is on his tummy...he will roll and stretch to get things he wants and move little by little until he gets to the toy.

  • Evan loves to be sung to!
  • Evan loves his lullaby music that we play for him at night from his glow worm or elephant.
  • Evan LOVES his pacie and plays with it constantly...even uses it as a teething toy.
  • Evan gets compliments all the time about how good of a baby he is...he is so chill and easy to please!
  • Evan is such a snuggler and it is the sweetest thing ever!

  • Evan loves Zoe...he watches her all the time and is constantly giggling at her every move.  His favorite thing she does is when she jumps off her chair onto the floor.
  • Evan loves to sit in his Bumbo...probably because he knows when he is sitting in it, he gets fed.
  • Evan loves to sit on the floor and pull toys out of a basket...over and over.
  • Evan scratches when he gets really is calming for him.

  • Evan has brown hair.
  • Evan has greenish hazel eyes...very similar to his Daddy's.
  • Evan has a deep voice and he talks the most when getting his diaper changed...his favorite phrase is 'DaDa'...of course!
  • Evan loves to blow raspberries and spit everywhere!
  • Evan loves bath time and does really well when Zoe pours a ton of water on his head.

  • Evan smiles with his whole face!
  • Evan has the most adorable little nose!
  • Evan had his first formula bottle this month.
  • Evan likes to be rocked now before bed and has started to put up a little bit of a fight.

I am so blessed by my Evan!  He is such a joy every day...can't imagine life without him!

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