Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What is Zoe Zoo Up To?

  • Zoe is 2 1/2 years old
  • Zoe is so close to potty training...Mommy just isn't quite ready yet!
  • Zoe is wearing size 2T clothes and still some 24 month.
  • Zoe wears whatever size diaper is lying around...at this time size 3 or 4
  • Zoe weighs 28 lbs!
  • Zoe is a great sleeper...She goes to sleep around 8 and wakes up around 7-7:30.  She also still takes a nap for 2 hours.  I will be one sad Mama when she gives this up!
  • Zoe loves to be outside!  Her favorite thing to do right now is ride her bike down our driveway.  She will do it over and over again!  Such a daredevil.
  • Zoe loves water!  She plays in the sprinkler anytime it is one and is swimming great in the pool!  The floaty we have for her allows her to jump in by herself and swim everywhere on her own...and she loves it!
  • Zoe loves to eat!  She will eat just about everything...but typically asks for ice cream and cake!
  • Zoe has gorgeous blue eyes and beautiful bleach blonde hair!
  • Zoe loves to dance!  She asks us to dance with her all the time and she will hold our hand and spin around.
  • Zoe's Ballet Class is the highlight of our week.  She begs to go to ballet!
  • Zoe loves to sing and her microphone is usually a flashlight.  Zoe also has a play guitar and she loves to play it and loves for us to play it, too!
  • Zoe would color or paint all day long!
  • Zoe loves for songs to be sung to her in the car...and she will let you know very fast if you are singing the wrong song by screaming 'Stop Mommy' and raising her hand!
  • Zoe knows all her letters, their sounds and an animal that goes with that letter (thanks Leap Frog).
  • Zoe knows her numbers but we are still working on keeping them in the right order.  When she plays, you can hear her counting everything in sight!
  • Zoe knows all her colors and many shapes!
  • Zoe is learning her right and left right now.  She helps Mommy and Daddy drive.  When we need to turn right or left, we raise our specific hand and scream 'Left, Left, Left'...she loves it!
  • Zoe loves to play with our nesting alphabet blocks.  She builds towers with them and we has to find the next three letters...she also likes to place the blocks on the ground and make tracks for the train.
  • Zoe is starting to play by herself more...but she would rather have Mommy or Daddy right beside her at all times.
  • Zoe has definitely hit her terrible twos...everything is 'no, Mommy, no Daddy', we see an occasional tantrum and Zoe has made great friends with Time Out.
  • Zoe loves to do everything by herself.  She has started dressing herself in the mornings and if you dare try to put on her shoes...she will put you right in your place.  She also loves to buckle herself in the car.
  • Zoe loves to play dress up!
  • Zoe says 'I love you, Mommy' all the time and my heart melts!
  • Zoe requires a kiss for every 'boo boot' and it has to be in the exact spot that hurts or she will make you kiss again!
  • Zoe always knows where we are when we are in the car...when we pull into our street she says 'home', when we pull into Chick-fil-a she screams 'chicken or play', she knows our friends house and other locations we got to a lot, like the flower shop, the park, ballet class.
  • Zoe knows all her cousins and aunt and uncles names and she pairs them together with the right families.  She asks if we are going to see people by saying 'Carson Colin' or 'Ian and Tucker' or 'KK CC'...I love that she knows and loves all her family so much!  She even knows the dogs she sees when she visits Grandma's house.
  • Zoe is crazy scared of bugs...if she sees one, she shakes and makes a crazy face!  It could be a wasp or a teeny tiny ant...and she freaks!
  • Zoe is finally smiling for the camera!  But she will throw up that hand and scream stop if she has had enough.
  • Zoe's favorite show is still Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Numbers and Letters (LeapFrog DVDs).
  • Zoe has learned how to procrastinate bedtime like a pro...more hugs, more kisses, water, another book...it is so funny!
  • Zoe finally can sleep with people in the same room...and has been asking to sleep in Mommy's bed a lot lately! 
  • Zoe loves to play with cars and trains.  She always build roads and tracks for them out of anything that will lay flat!  She also has started playing with her babies more and her people dollhouse.
  • Zoe is doing great with her prayers and we now can sing grace before meals.  She almost has the Sign of the Cross down...she can say Father, Son, Holy Spirit...she just points to the wrong parts...it is so cute!
  • Zoe says Hi to Jesus every time we go to Church.  There is a gorgeous crucifix right when you drive into our church parking lot.
  • Zoe loves big kids!  We are so lucky to have awesome neighbors...Bridget is in middle school and lives two house down and comes and plays with Zoe all the time.  Our neighbor across the street has 2 nieces, Peyton and Reagan, and Zoe asks to play with them constantly!  We have quite the social butterfly on our hands.
  • Zoe loves her brother!!!  She is always trying to make Evan giggle and she is starting to share with him!
  • Every morning, if Evan isn't up, and after naps, Zoe wants to go get him and she climbs up his crib to say hello.
  • Zoe wants Evan to go where ever she goes...
  • Zoe still sucks her thumb and is quite attached to her pig pillow pet and 'ho ho' Santa blanket.
  • Zoe has learned to make her tongue a hot dog.
  • Zoe has no patience...none and she is very persistent!
  • Zoe is a talking machine..she says anything and everything...she articulates great and is really starting to describe things more and more!
I just love this kid so much!  Zoe is so fun and loving and I am really blessed by her and her little personality every day!  I jsut love watching her grow and seeing what each day brings!


Joy said...

So impressed with Zoe's sleeping! Also, great job on the letters and numbers...pat yourself on the back!!!

Taylor Grace said...

Oh my goodness Zoe is too cute! I've always loved that name and it seems to fit your Zoe just perfectly. So adorable!!

Very cute blog by the way!