Friday, May 18, 2012

30 & 9

Earlier this week, we had Zoe and Evan's check ups at GPAM.  I scheduled them at the same time...hit two birds with one stone!  I never have issues with appointments and both my kids are pretty chill for the most part, so I knew it would be fine.

Evan went first.  He weighed 17lbs 12oz (10%), is 26.75 inches tall (7%) and has a head circumference of 17.75 inches (43%).  The doctor was a little bit concerned that he hadn't gained much weight in the last 3 months...I very quickly explained to her this kid and his extreme eating habits...she no longer is worried.  One of her other concerns, which has also been one of mine, was Evan lack of reaching certain milestones typical of a 9 month old.

3 main skills the doctor was looking for that Evan is no where near achieving is crawling, pulling up and going from laying down to sitting.  I knew this going into the appointment, so it was no surprise to me.  Dr. Evans referred us to Children's 1st-Babies Can't Wait.  This program sends a physical therapist to your home to evaluate your child and then give you some helpful tips and exercise to get your child on task.  In my heart of hearts, I know Evan will catch up...he is such a content little guy and he is getting stronger and more curious every day...but I am perfecting fine with asking for help and receiving some great advice from professionals on ways to strengthen Evan.

Next was my Zoe Zoo.  Zoe weighed 29lbs (54%) and is 35.75 inches tall (50%).  On the charts, Zoe looks great!  So the doctor started her physical exam.  Anytime a doctor goes silent or a mom...your heart starts beating a little bit faster and you just say a little prayer quick!  Well, Dr. Evans listened to Zoe's heart for what seemed like 15 minutes, but was probably 2.  She detected a heart murmur had formed and suggested we see a cardiologist very soon.  She stated that it should be nothing to worry about but just wanted to take the precautions just in case.  I appreciated her referral...but to be is something you never want to never want to hear the words 'something is not normal' and 'specialist'!

So I got a lot of not so good news in a very short amount of time.  Definitely not my typical doctor's appointment.

Good News is that we saw the cardiologist the next day.  Zoe does have a murmur, but it is a normal one and one she will eventually grow out of.  We have also been working much more aggressively with Evan since our appointment and I can already see differences in good!

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