Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weaning Woes

Evan is just a little bit over 9 months old.  Since Evan was born, in my mind, I always said I would be really, really happy if we could breastfeed until he was 6 months old!  Well, we made it and have continued strong!  I even had a freezer stash until April which is pretty amazing if you ask me!  But the time for weaning is coming and I have so many mixed feelings....

For the longest time, I was so ready to wean in order to get my flow back, if you know what I am saying...and that was my main reason for weaning earlier than 1 year.  Well...its back...and we are still going!  I am so happy!

But now I can definitely tell that my supply is lessening....and for some reason....it is making me really sad that my breastfeeding days could be coming to an end....why....I could not tell you!

I think there is such a difference in emotions when you choose to stop and when you have no choice and you have to stop.

With Zoe, there was no choice.  With Evan, I could stop at any time if I wanted to.  Evan eats everything under the sun and eats a lot...that is probably why my supply is diminishing and I think I am kind of sad because very soon he will no longer "need" me...the same way he used to.  Silly, I know...but true.

I have so loved breastfeeding Evan!  The time I have spent with him is priceless and irreplaceable!  But...I can't help but think that we are in the process of weaning.

Our night feeding before he goes to bed just isn't cutting it anymore.  For about a week, Evan woke up around 4 and 5 some mornings, just starving.  So we have started to give him an additional 4 oz before bed after our feeding.

My thoughts are that by mid June, we will probably start Evan on half milk/half formula for his afternoon and night feeding and by the beginning of July, have him completely weaned and on all whole milk.

How has time flown so fast....I feel like Evan was just born!

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