Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Where's Your Happy Place?

I have always been one who needs "me time".....hence #16 on my 101 in 1001! I lived by myself for two years in college (kind of)....well I had a place of my own and I LOVED IT! I loved that if I wanted to I could lay in bed with my ice cream watching Grey's Anatomy Reruns ALL DAY and no one would ask, "What is wrong," ask if I was feeling ok....no one there to remind me that I hadn't moved in 10 hours. I just loved the seclusion and the peace. Since I have been married, "me time" has definitely decreased.....I have taken a bubble bath once....maybe. But now that I have a baby, too....."me time" is that much more necessary!

And I have found my "happy place"...my "go to place"....my "get away in order to stay sane place."

As most of you know....I love to blog. It is such an outlet for me and I enjoy it so much. I enjoy blogging. I enjoy reading blogs. I enjoy relating with other woman and other woman relating with me. It is like there is a whole world out there to learn from and blogging is a small step in learning. And since we don't have to internet at home, I had to find somewhere to go to blog and catch up with blogs and to feel connected.....you all understand!

There is a small coffee shop, Brew Awakenings, around the corner from my house. It is so chill and calm and quiet. A place to relax and think and listen to really nice music. I love it....it is my happy place! It re-energizes me and recharges my battery so I can get back to Zoe Jane and Zach and be the best mother and wife I can be. Nothing is wrong with that and I feel that too many woman don't take "me time" and should.

Find your happy place, quick.....it will change your life!


calanders said...

You are SO right! "Me" time as well as time with just my husband definitely makes me a better wife and mom too. No guilt here either! I'm glad you've found a great place to find yourself every once in a while. Have a great day, Becca! ~Cindi

Anonymous said...

You're right! My happy place is at a Tupperware party- I get to meet so many awesome people!