Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fat Tuesday....not this year!

We have come back to this time of year again! Mardi Gras and the wonderful Fat Tuesday celebrations! The day where you are supposed to eat a ton and all the bad things....sadly I do this way more often then just today! But.....this Fat Tuesday I will not be! BECAUSE Training has begun, People!

We are 10 weeks away from our big race in Nashville. I am so excited....and sore! Yesterday, was Zach and my first day training with our training schedule. We tracked out a course in our neighborhood and I am not sure I will ever run it again. It was all hills!!!! I am beyond sore today. But well worth it. I love feeling sore because it means my body worked hard.

So here is our training schedule:

Week 1 M-3, T-3, Th-3, Sat-4 Total: 13
Week 2 M-3, T-4, Th-3, Sat-5 Total: 15
Week 3 M-3, T-4, Th-3, Sat-6 Total: 16
Week 4 M-3, T-5, Th-3, Sat-8 Total:19
Week 5 M-3, T-5, Th-3, Sat-10 Total: 21
Week 6 M-4, T-5, Th-4, Sat-11 Total: 24
Week 7 M-4, T-6, Th-4, Sat-12 (Might as well just run a Half Marathon. Not to mention we will be in the mountains this week! Yikes!) Total: 26
Week 8 M-4, T-5, Th-4, Sat-9 Total: 22
Week 9 M-3, T-4, Th-3, Sat-8 Total:18
Week 10 (RACE WEEK) M-3, T-rest, W- 3, Thur- walk 2, F-rest and Sat the race! Total: 21

Should be interesting! And if I run all these days then I will be at 201 miles for my goal of 800 this year!

Wish me luck!

I am really looking forward to race weekend! My 2 sisters, Zach and I are all running. Plus, we are staying in the city, so we will get to sight see...I have only been to Nashville once for a school seminar in college and didn't get to see much.....so I can't wait! Plus, there is a free concert after the race....and I don't know who us performing yet....but it should be fun.

Have any of you been to Nashville or do you live there? Where are fun places to eat and visit?

Here is our running partner before our run yesterday.....she slept the whole time!


Beth McC. said...

I live in good ole NashVegas! If you love Mexican you need to check out Cantina Laredo, YUMMY! They make gaucamole at your table and it is so GOOD! If you like Bar-B-Que you have to check out Jim and Nicks! Spaghetti Factory, PIzza Perfect at Vanderbilt,Melting Pot and J.Alexanders are all Yummy and baby friendly! You need to take that sweet baby girl over to Opry Mills for a fun day of outlet shopping! Its indoors and the Carters outlet and GAP outlet are great!

From Marriage to Motherhood said...

Aww..what a sweet photo of the little one! : )

A. Gant said...

I spoke w/ my cousin, who lives in Nashville and she gave me the names of some good places to eat. Nice restaurants; The Tin Angel, Blackstone, Sunset Grill. Going out type restaurants; CAbana, South Street, Hard Rock Cafe. She recommended eating breakfast or lunch at The Loveless Cafe. And The Melting Pot, which is pricey. We have one here in Birmingham and I was very disappointed. We spent 100$ and left hungry. But the dessert was good. So just my opinion on it. Hope this helps.